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(Pocket-lint) - Being able to tell the time with a glance is an absolute godsend, whether you're under pressure with a work deadline, or groggy in the mornings and need to make sure you've had a proper lie-in. 

With smart speakers and phones doing a lot of the work when it comes to time-keeping nowadays, though, you might be struggling to find a good, simple LED clock to use day-to-day.

That's why we've gathered a selection of the very best for you right here.

Best LED clocks available to buy today

JALLBest LED clock 2020: Get the time with a simple glance photo 2

Jall Digital Alarm Clock


Our first pick does a great job of disguising itself as something that doesn't scream out electronics when you first glance at it - it's a triangular wooden block available in a few colours to your taste.

The LED display is subtly embedded in the wood, and also brings a weather readout to let you know the humidity and temperature at a glance. That's a great package. 

LeeronBest LED clock 2020: Get the time with a simple glance photo 8

Leeron Alarm Clock


Another great use of a wood finish to make a clock that's really attractive and smooth is this one from Leeron.

It's super simple, with just a large time readout, plus small indicators to show whether it's AM or PM and whether there's an alarm set.

A big snooze button on top makes it easy to silence in the mornings, too, which we always appreciate. 

AmazonBest LED clock 2020: Get the time with a simple glance photo 3

AmazonBasics Digital Alarm Clock


If you're on the lookout for something a bit more functional, shall we say, this clock from Amazon's line of basics is a real steal, incredibly affordable and reliable. 

It won't win awards for its design, but you get a clear LED readout and the ability to set your alarm, so you might wonder what more you'd actually want. 

AcuRiteBest LED clock 2020: Get the time with a simple glance photo 6

AcuRite 75127M


If the most important thing for you is how clearly you can read the clock in low light, you might find this red-LED unit from AcuRite just perfect, as you can look at it without straining your eyes in the dark.

It's got a big clock readout plus the date and weather information, and you can set alarms whenever you like, giving it a lot in one model. 

EDUPBest LED clock 2020: Get the time with a simple glance photo 5

EDUP 3D Clock


If you want something that has a little bit more of a memorable design, this LED clock could be perfect - it'll make any wall or desk stand out from the crowd. 

It's super simple, displaying the time and only the time, on its chunky frame, but is a real conversation-starter that's easy to set up.

CoveryBest LED clock 2020: Get the time with a simple glance photo 4

COVERY 3D Led Clock


If you really like the previous clock but think it's a little bit pricy, you could opt for this really similar option that's more affordable.

It isn't quite as solidly built and has slightly dimmer LED brightness, but that's a pretty minor set of constraints for what is still a great, funky design. 

PictekBest LED clock 2020: Get the time with a simple glance photo 7

Pictek Alarm Clock


This clock has a great, clear, and easy to read display that makes it really easy to get the time without squinting. It's also got a great system to let you switch between two alarms easily, and a large snooze button for staying in bed. 

Adjustable brightness and great alarm options including birdsong make it a pleasure to use in the bedroom.

MosuoBest LED clock 2020: Get the time with a simple glance photo 9

Mosuo Alarm Clock


This cleanly designed clock is a slightly different look that might fit a more modern design aesthetic really nicely, and has weather information to the right of the display for convenience. 

You can easily adjust the display to suit the clock's surroundings, while its slightly mirrored glass makes it blend in nicely. 

WamGraBest LED clock 2020: Get the time with a simple glance photo 10

WamGra Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


If you want something a bit more out-there, and a clock that might be able to offer a few more functions than just simple time-keeping, this could be a great choice.

It's a sort of mood light, with soft coloured lighting that you can easily customise and change to suit what you want.

Plus, there's a solid Bluetooth speaker on board so that you can listen to your favourite tunes as you chill. Finally, though, it's got that all-important LED display for the clock, to make sure you can read it with just a quick glance.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Conor Allison. Originally published on 8 October 2020.