Best mini flashlight 2021: Explore these top picks and carry a torch wherever you go

A convenient multipack for outdoor trips with plenty of guests.

(image credit: EverBrite)

A handy mini flashlight pair for those who want different light modes.

(image credit: Hausbell)

Kit out your camping team with this colourful seven-pack.

(image credit: Rolson)

Pocket-sized, incredibly powerful and ideal for emergency situations.

(image credit: Hatori)

Get the power of a bigger torch in a bitesize package.

(image credit: Letmy)

An affordable way to pick up multiple simple-to-use mini torches.

(image credit: BYB)

A miniature wonder that you can keep on your keys for any occasion.

(image credit: Lumintop)

A reliable six-pack for frequent flashlight users. 

(image credit: WdtPro)

Impressive illumination in a small package for a bargain price. 

(image credit: Risemart)