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(Pocket-lint) - There are plenty of reasons why you might want to get a humidifier - whether your home has a particularly dry atmosphere, you want to use it to help when you get a cold, or because you just like the different feeling it can give you as you move around indoors, humidifiers can be very versatile.

However, there are also absolutely countless versions of them out there, and way too many products for most people to pick between. We've gathered some of the very best humidifiers, right here, for you to pick from - see what you think!

Our pick of the best humidifiers to buy today

Pure EnrichmentBest humidifier 2020: Get the right atmosphere in your home photo 2

Pure Enrichment MistAire


This small unit is a great humidifier for those who don't want something that'll take up too much space, making it perfect for a bedside table, if you're having difficulty sleeping. 

It can work for many hours before it needs any sort of refill and has settings to let you change the mist direction and intensity, too. A night-light mode and automatic shut-off settings make it even more useful for night-time use. 

DysonBest humidifier 2020: Get the right atmosphere in your home photo 10

Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool


If you're looking for a humidifier that's also a cooling fan, there's no better choice than this from air specialist Dyson. It's expensive, sure, but you also get air purification as part of the package. 

It is a humidifier and purifier first - the fan part isn't as good as many other fans on the market including Dyson's own; it only oscillates 90 degrees, for example. The Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool is quiet, but it somewhat bulky in size. However, there's so much tech here, it's easy to understand why. Plus, you can control things with the Dyson Link app, too. 

HomasyBest humidifier 2020: Get the right atmosphere in your home photo 4

Homasy Cool Mist


This humidifier from Homasy looks a little bit more like one you'd expect to see in a spa or massage room, and has really impressive features, including a low-power mode that can emit mist for up to 30 hours without pause, perfect for setting up and forgetting about. 

It, too, can be used with essential oils to get a scent propogating around your house, while a sleep mode turns off its LEDs to make sure that you can be well-rested without distraction. 

HoneywellBest humidifier 2020: Get the right atmosphere in your home photo 6

Honeywell HCM350B


The look of this bigger humidifier from Honeywell is certainly distinctive - to be honest, we're not sure we love it, but it'll definitely be some people's style. 

It's got a chunky tank that holds a full gallon of water and can fill a medium-sized room comfortably, running for up to 24 hours without a refill. That makes it easy to incorporate into your daily routine without too much hassle at all. 

Everlasting ComfortBest humidifier 2020: Get the right atmosphere in your home photo 3

Everlasting Comfort Humidifier for Bedroom


This is another humidifier that isn't too big, so can relatively easily fit into whatever space you need it to work in, and obviously has a slightly more subdued black look compared to the Pure Enrichment model.

Everlasting Comfort has included a handy essential oil tray that makes this really easy to use for getting a pleasant fragrance along with your vapor, and it doesn't use filters which can be a cost-saver in the long run. 

VicTsingBest humidifier 2020: Get the right atmosphere in your home photo 8

VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser


If you want a unique-looking diffuser, this might just be the most interesting one on our entire list, for good or for bad. Whether you like its wood finish or think it looks like an onion is up to you, but this is a really useful little humidifier.

It's more aimed at the aromatherapy side of the humidifier market, and therefore has a smaller capacity at 300ml, but can fit really nicely into the background if you're trying to relax. 

MirocoBest humidifier 2020: Get the right atmosphere in your home photo 7

Miroco Cool Mist


We really like this humidifier from Miroco for its futuristic looks - it could have come straight out of Star Trek, for our money. Handily, it also performs really well, too. 

It's the capacity king, with a six-liter tank that can run on its own for up to a massive 60 hours, which very few competitors can get near to. Being super quiet and easily adjusted makes it a real contender, while a subtle night light makes it great for bedrooms. 

VintoneyBest humidifier 2020: Get the right atmosphere in your home photo 9

500ml Cool Mist Humidifiers


A middle-ground for those who don't want a tiny tank but still want a small humidifier comes in the form of this 500ml model, which has a pretty slick, modern design, with that ridged top especially memorable. 

It's a solid little model, too, and really excels on the pricing front, more affordable than pretty much anything else that we looked at. It's about the size of a pint glass, if a little chunkier, and nice and quiet in operation, making it great for a desk or bedside surface.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 24 September 2020.