(Pocket-lint) - Christmas is coming around again, just like it does every year, and once again some of us will get well ahead of things, while others make emergency plans late in the day.

If you're looking for a nice, easy gift for someone in your life who loves a bit of technology, look no further - we've got a whole range of gift guides that you could use this year, but this one's for those operating on a tight budget. Everything on this list should come in under £20/$20 or so, conversion rates notwithstanding. 

There are some superb hidden gems to be uncovered, so read on to find out more. 

Our pick of the best gifts for less than £20


Tile Mate


We all know the type - someone who can't keep track of their keys, their phone, their backpack, whatever it might be.

Tile trackers have been around for a good long while now, and many people are familiar with their easy ways to help you find misplaced items. They've been getting smaller, more reliable and cheaper, too, and now make a perfect small gift or stocking-filler. 


Anker PowerWave


Wireless charging is no longer something new - it's an established part of the smartphone landscape, and we're all in favour of it.

It's really convenient and makes remembering to charge your phone or devices a doddle. This simple charging pad from Anker is a great way to get people on board, giving them a really solid charger to use.


Anker PowerCore 10000mAh


An external power bank is basically a must-have nowadays, even if most of us aren't travelling as much as we're used to. Anker has a range of marvellous banks in its PowerCore range, and our favourite might just be this pocketable 10,000mAh version.

It's small enough to be easily slipped into any bag, and contains enough charge to fill up your phone a couple of times, which is all anyone's likely to need in a pinch. 


Logitech Pebble


In this new age of widespread working from home, a nice, easy and low-maintenance wireless mouse is a blessing that can make your working day so much easier.

We love the Logitech Pebble, and use it every day - it's so simple to connect via either Bluetooth or Logitech's Unifying Receiver, and is nice and comfy in the hand. All that for under £20!


Smart Plug by TP-Link


If you know someone who's interested in smart home technology, smart plugs are a brilliant way to help them expand their home system without spending too much.

TP-Link has a great option to keep costs down in the form of its Smart Plug, which can integrate nicely with an Alexa or Assistant-run home, and costs way less than you might expect. 


SanDisk 64GB Cruzer Blade USB drive


It might feel like an old-school recommendation, but the fact is that USB sticks are still extremely useful, and people are getting freebies of them more and more rarely. 

This SanDisk drive ticks all the boxes - it's got a big capacity, it's nice and cheap, and it's small. It's not a life-changing bit of tech, but it's a must-have in any draw of doo-dads and gadgets because we all need a USB stick every so often. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.