(Pocket-lint) - If you're still gaming on a standard office chair, are you even living?

Gaming chairs are a great way to not only enhance the look and style of your gaming area but also provide ridiculous comfort and support during your gaming sessions. 

We've set out on a mission to find the very best gaming chairs money can buy. The most comfortable, flexible and adjustable chairs to help you game for hours. 

Our guide to the best gaming chair to buy today

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Noblechairs Hero


Noblechairs are known for creating premium, high-quality seating products. The Hero is the embodiment of that with highlights that include an ergonomic design that matches the shape of your spine and ensures all-day comfort, supple premium materials and an eye-pleasing aesthetic. 

The Hero boasts numerous adjustment options to keep you gaming comfortably. A perfect example is the 4D armrests. These bad boys not only go up and down to allow you to adjust the height of your support, but they also slide forwards and backwards, side to side and can even be angled inwards or outwards. 

This gaming chair also has built-in adjustable lumbar support, comfortable cold foam upholstery, as well as a large and durable frame. We found the Hero gave us the best support of any chair on this list with superb comfort to match.  We really enjoyed the supple PU-leather, intricate stitching and adjustable lumbar support.

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Secretlab 2020 Titan

Secretlab's chairs come in three different variants as they're designed to cater to different body types. There's the Omega, Titan and Titan XL - with the former being for smaller, lighter individuals and the XL being for larger people. 

The Titan is a wonderful option for a number of reasons, not least of which is the various upholstery options available. You can choose from not only PU-leather, premium NAPA leather and SoftWeave Fabric, but also various different colour schemes. 

During our testing, we were immediately struck by various design highlights of this chair that include intricate stitching, premium fabrics and sublime built-in lumbar support. 

Like the other chairs on this list, it's height and angle adjustable in various ways, with 4D armrests and lots of lovely tilt.

Little things really make this one though, like the magnetic backed clip-on side guards (something you'd screw on on other chairs) and small design plaques on the arms as well as the 5-year warranty. 

The included head pillow is also insanely comfortable. It's an uber-soft memory foam cushion that's cleverly coated with cooling gel to keep your noggin cool as you relax in your seat. 

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Corsair T2 Road Warrior


This chair is not only incredibly comfortable but also customisable in a number of ways. 

It comes with figure-hugging racing seat style supports, ultra-soft microfibre lined neck and lumbar support pillows and a brilliantly stylish finish.

Like the other chairs on this list, it boasts various comfort options including 4D armrests and angle adjustments. 

You can tilt the angle of the base, the height of the chair and drop the back into an almost horizontal position. Imagine the possibilities of a quick nap between gaming sessions! 

High-quality stitching, premium materials, awesome design quirks and numerous customisation options make the Road Warrior an absolute joy to own.

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Corsair T3 Rush


Corsair's T3 Rush has a lot of the goodness of the T2 Road Warrior with a few enhancements that include some wonderfully easy-on-the-eye fabrics, comfortable memory foam lumbar support and even more of a race car styling. 

It comes in three different finishes with breathable fabrics that are designed to retain less heat than a leather chair meaning you can keep cool during gaming sessions. 

The T3 Rush also reclines into a near flat position if you need a bit of lay down between gaming sessions. It has a wider back but isn't necessarily ideal for taller people.  

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Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody

The Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody is a collaboration between the Logitech and premium chair brand Herman Miller. It is eye-wateringly expensive but may well be worth the investment if Herman Miller's reputation is anything to go by. 

The Embody gaming chair includes a number of design elements that make it appealing. That starts with, as you might expect, "science-backed ergonomics" designed to support your spine no matter how you sit.

It's also built to reduce pressure build-up and includes clever design quirks like an adjustable seat depth which extends the length of the base. Cooling foam, even pressure distribution and various adjustment options should keep this seat comfortable all day long. 

All of that comes with a 12-year warranty cherry on top as well. 

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Asus ROG Chariot RGB


If you like your gaming chairs with a bit more of a gamer feel, then Asus has you covered with the ROG Chariot. Yes, the Chariot has the classic race-car styling, but it also has RGB lighting too. 

If you're an Asus fan, then you'll be doubly pleased to hear that the ROG Chariot also has Aura lighting with all the usual effects, colours and brightness options. Don't worry though, you don't need to have it plugged in all the time as it comes with its own battery pack. A splash-proof housing is ideal for messy gamers too. 

Of course, the Chariot also comes with all the other goodness you'd expect from a gaming chair.  Breathable PU-leather, memory foam goodness, 4D armrests and more, but it's the in-your-face style that gamers might love. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.