(Pocket-lint) - Electric scooters have been taking the world by storm for a few years now, wowing people with their great combination of fun and practicality, and they're also really popular among kids.

Models aimed at younger riders are obviously less powerful and less speedy to make sure that they're doubly safe, and can also be a lot more affordable. If you've got a child who wants to scoot around with motorized assistance more than anything, we've rounded up the very best models on the market for you to pick from, right here. 

Our pick of the best electric scooters for kids


Razor E90


Razor has a whole range of scooters aimed at younger riders, and most of them are extremely good choices. We particularly like the E90 because of the range it gets, which is market-leading at 80 minutes of ride time.

It can go up to 16KM/H, fast enough to be thrilling without getting too dangerous, although as with all of these models, safety gear including a helmet is strongly recommended. 


Ripsar 24v


This model from Ripsar is really nicely designed with a jazzy paintjob, and matches Razor's scooter on the top speed front. 

It doesn't have quite the same battery life, but is a bit more affordable so still comes out as a really strong second option. 


Denver SCK-5300


This scooter is a bit of a different proposition from the two above, but we think it's really impressive. It maxes out at between 4 and 6KM/H, which obviously isn't too fast, but that's not the idea.

It's more of a fun cruising scooter, and is safer as a result. Plus, we have to say that it's definitely the most attractively designed model we've seen anywhere. 


Gotrax GKS


Gotrax's scooter is in the middle ground when it comes to speed, topping out at around 12KM/H, which we actually think could be the sweet spot in a lot of parents' eyes. It'll satisfy your kids without worrying you too much.

It's also really affordably priced, which we appreciate, and its design is nice and simple without being too chunky. 


Homcom 120W


Our final pick is a scooter that's not quite like the others on this list, as you'll have immediately noticed. This Homcom model is a sit-down scooter, for those who prefer to ride this way. 

It's got a 10KM/H speed limit, and a range of between 6 and 8KM, so is well set-up for an afternoon of riding and playing, and if your kid feels more comfortable with a seat it'll make a great option. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.