(Pocket-lint) - Electric scooters - or escooters - are in vogue. You're unlikely to have missed this, given that they've exploded into popularity around the world and now litter the streets of many capital cities awaiting tourists to hop on for a quicker way around. 

Of course, those rental scooters are just one part of the market. Many people are buying their own scooters, as it becomes clear that they can be a really handy way to get around cities without needing to pedal yourself, and taking up less space than a bike.

They're not necessarily road-legal all over the world (there are a few more hurdles to clear in the UK), but if you're allowed them where you are such as in the US, here are some of the very best models to consider picking up for your commute.  

Our pick of the best electric scooters to buy today


Xiaomi M365


We're willing to go out on a limb and say that you've probably seen a few of these around the streets of your city - even in London where they're not yet meant to be in widespread use, Xiaomi's scooter is a relatively common sight. That's due in no small part to its excellent reputation, which is well deserved.

This is a great scooter with an impressive 28 KM range and really zippy speed and is also well-priced in a market that can get up to fairly dizzying price tags. It might not be the swankiest-looking or most stylish scooter, but for most people, it'll end up being the best choice. 


Gotrax GXL V2 Commuter


Gotrax isn't quite so well-known a name as Xiaomi outside the scooter world, but it's been building a loyal audience over the last few years with reliable scooters that are reasonably priced as standard. In fact, the pricing aggressively undercuts most of the models on this list, a great thing from a buyer's perspective. 

That nets you a slightly shorter range at 24 KM, but that's still going to be more than enough for most people, and you still get a sturdy, well-built unit nonetheless. It folds up nicely for storage and comes in as a super option for those with smaller budgets. 


Turboant X7


We tried out the Turboant earlier this year and were really impressed - it's got a range that's almost the same as the GoTrax above, and a style that sees it blend in with many other e-scooters in the looks department. 

As with many other models, we do think you'll find yourself giving it a bit of an assist on some hills, as its motor isn't exactly a world-beater, but when zipping around your town or city you'll certainly find it a great partner. A removable battery is also a great touch, which makes it easier to charge without having to find somewhere for the whole scooter. 


Ninebot Segway


Segway's entry into the e-scooter market is as impressive as you might hope from a company that's made its name on two-wheeled electric, rolling transport (there's got to be a better description of a Segway, but we can't find it). It's a sleek package, which is put together nice and solidly and also manages really good speeds. 

It's not quite a winner on the pricing front, compared to some of the scooters on this list, admittedly, but it's also got a stonking range to take advantage of - that sees it nail a strong balance from our point of view. 


Unagi Model One


Unagi's scooters are, in our opinion, probably the swishest on the market - the best-designed and most elegant, which is saying something as we're still in the phase where most scooters are fairly chunky beasts.

The Model One is pretty gorgeous, though, in whichever colour you opt for, and has the specs to match its looks, available in single- or double-motor forms, but there's no escaping its big, big price tag.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.