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(Pocket-lint) - There comes a time in any self-respecting DIY-er's development when they realise they need a solid glue gun. It might be because there's something that you're loath to drill into, or because you just know that it would be easiest to just stick it down, but glue guns can be hugely useful for a whole variety of DIY projects.

We've done some proper digging to find you a selection of the very best glue guns on the market right now, from brands you'll know to ones you probably haven't heard of. They'll have you glueing and sticking, to your heart's content in no time. 

Our guide to the best glue gun to buy today

Bosch Best glue gun for 2020 DIY gets sticky image 2

Bosch PKP 18E


It's not the cheapest on this list, nor is it the most value-conscious in use, but we think that Bosch's engineers have done a great job of making a glue gun that doesn't feel cheap or tacky, and which will get whatever job you're doing done.

It's slightly longer than usual nozzle makes it great for getting glue into hard-to-reach crannies, while an automatic glue retraction system is really great when it comes to avoiding dribbles of hot glue at the end of a job. 

Stanley Best glue gun for 2020 DIY gets sticky image 3

Stanley Heavy-duty glue gun


Stanley's gun is half the price of Bosch's and does all the same things, albeit with a slightly cheaper feel as you heft it. It's really nice and efficient, though, heating up quickly and being easy to hold.

It's not much of a looker, but you'll find that about most of the guns on this list, but Stanley has succeeded in making a really low-cost option that doesn't skimp when it comes to actually glueing. 

Dweyka best glue gun 2020 easily stick stuff together with hot glue photo 7

Dweyka Mini Hot Melt Gun


This Dweyka hot glue gun is another smart pick, heating up in around five minutes and with a handy on-off switch on the actual gun's handle. The LED light will let you know when the glue is ready to be applied, while that small metal stand also means you can place it down without worrying about a fire risk or leakage. 

It's still nice and affordable and even comes with 75 glue sticks, which should last you a while, even during arts and crafts class.

Dremel Best glue gun for 2020 DIY gets sticky image 5

Dremel 930


This glue gun from Dremel is a bit of a miniature model, using 7mm sticks instead of the more standard 11mm versions, and also comes with a variety of coloured sticks to let you get a bit more creative with your adhesive work. 

Aside from that fun little note, it's a solid enough model, heating in the normal range of around five minutes, and will get most of your jobs done without too much hassle.

Surebonder best glue gun 2020 easily stick stuff together with hot glue photo 6

Surebonder PRO2-220 220


Our last pick is pretty much reserved for those who are either embarking on a project they know will require major adhesive work, or professionals looking for a really reliable tool to use for ages to come. That's an explainer for how much more expensive this model from Surebonder is. 

It boasts plenty of upgrades to justify that price, including adjustable temperature settings, and the ability to tune how much glue is released by the nozzle while in use. It's basically an industrial model, meaning the build quality is super high, and you can expect it to stand the test of time. Of course, given its price you'd hope so, too. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.