(Pocket-lint) - If, like us, you're looking in the mirror and thinking that you really need to do something about your 'do, you're probably also wondering whether you could just do it yourself.  

Even if you just want to save a little each month by taking things into your own hands, the good news is that there are loads of options out there to let you quickly and easily control your hair. Of course, you could go down the route of scissor cuts, but we'll be impressed if you're able to do that on your own.

More reliably, you'll want to pick up a clipper, to buzz away loads of hair in quick order. We've rounded up some of the very best on the market, to make sure that you get the cut you want (or at least have the chance to get it - technique notwithstanding). 

The best hair trimmers to buy today

PhilipsBest hair clippers for 2020 Cut and trim your hair at home image 2

Philips Series 9000


Philips is on top of the shaver game, and that expertise is transferable to clippers in some relatively obvious ways. The 9000 Series is a great trimmer that can run for 120 minutes to make sure that even the most involved haircuts don't drain its battery. 

It's got a range of clipping lengths that you can use, plus guards to make sure that you can clip as long or as short as you like. Those combine to allow for up to 400 different lengths, which is quite the range of control. Memory settings also let you store your favourites. Sharp titanium blades are the crowning glory, making for a seriously impressive package. 

WahlBest hair clippers for 2020 Cut and trim your hair at home image 3

Wahl Super Taper


Wahl is a name that has real prestige attached to it when it comes to hairdressing - its clippers are used all of the world as the gold-standard for professional barbers, and the Super Taper is one of the most commonly used. It's corded, old-school and extraordinarily reliable, with every chance that it'll last you through decades if you treat it with care.

That makes it a bit harder to use for many people, but the quality of cut can't be argued with, and corded power means you don't have to worry about battery life at all. The design is also simple and beautiful, we have to say. 

BaBylissMENBest Hair Clippers 2020 Cut And Trim Your Hair At Home image 1

BaBylissMEN Japanese Steel Digital Hair Clipper


BaByliss has a real host of clippers to choose from, and this particular model has a lot going for it, not least in terms of its classy colour scheme and metallic looks. It can be used cordless or corded depending on your preferences and need and comes with a host of guards to let you choose your length of cut. 

A taper twister on the handle gives you added control over the angle of your cut, making sure that this clipper can deliver sophisticated cuts if you fancy getting a bit more involved. It's a great clipper, at a competitive price point. 

WahlBest hair clippers for 2020 Cut and trim your hair at home image 5

Wahl Color Pro Cordless


If Wahl's corded clipper, earlier in this list, seems a bit intimidating to you, its simplified cordless option might be a more approachable choice. The Color Pro Cordless has a handy key right on its handle to make sure that you can make sense of the array of guards it comes with. 

You get an hour of battery life to go with Wahl's predictably excellent cutting power, and an easy to grasp handle makes this a really great option for those without a huge amount of experience when it comes to cutting hair. It's also a great choice if you're looking for a family clipper. 

Philipsbest hair clippers 2020 cut and trim your hair at home photo 9

Philips Headgroom


For those who know they'll be cutting their hair themselves, this rotating clipper is a really great choice. It looks unconventional but lets you clip at a range of angles that are helpful for solo work.

It's got a few guards to let you choose your length, cuts quickly and evenly, and can be quickly washed out with water during a cut. It's also nice and affordable and often reduced, so a great choice all in all. 

RemingtonBest Hair Clippers 2020 Cut And Trim Your Hair At Home image 1

Remington HC4250


This clipper immediately looks different to the norm, mainly because it's a compact option that's more aimed at letting you cut your own hair without any help, and is perfect for those looking to keep a shaven head under control. It fits in the palm of your hand easily, while 40 minutes of battery runtime lets you trim away.

It's a super-wide model to get your clipping done much more quickly than some other similar options, and guide combs let you choose how close you want it to cut. It might be a bit unconventional, but plenty of people swear by this type of clipper, so if it appeals to you it's a solid choice. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.