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(Pocket-lint) - Hair straighteners are one of those bits of tech that many people might not think of as technological - you can pick up a cheap set for pennies at many stores. 

Use them, though, and you'll be putting the safety of your barnet in the lap of the gods. You really need to invest a little more to get a decent pair, which is why we've compiled this guide to some of the very best options you can buy.

GHD still heads up the list, and they really are the best around, though there are some superb alternatives for you to consider, too. 

Best hair straighteners to buy today

GHDBest hair straighteners for 2020 Get the look you want image 1

GHD Original Styler


For many, the question of which hair straighteners to buy is as simple as figuring out which GHD set they can afford. That's how impressive the performance is from the many different models on offer.

We prefer the most classic version, which heats up quickly and straightens quickly and with minimal passes required. 

There's a reason GHD stands for "Good Hair Day" - get a pair of these and you'll always be a few quick seconds away from one yourself.

Plus, the build quality and safety measures mean they're safe and reliable for regular use. 

Cloud NineBest hair straighteners for 2020 Get the look you want image 1

Cloud Nine The Wide Iron


The big benefit of this pair of straighteners is hinted at pretty heavily both in their name and design - that extra-wide iron shape. It means that your hair gets a slightly longer amount of time in the grip each time you pass it through, for a quicker finish. 

Heating to its desired temperature in just seven seconds means that these Cloud Nines are really good at getting a great job done sharpish, therefore, although you'll have to pay a really premium price for the privilege.

Toni & GuyBest hair straighteners for 2020 Get the look you want image 1


Coming down the budgetary ladder, renowned stylist brand Toni & Guy provides a great mid-range option that isn't pricey but still does an admirable job. 

We're big fans of the iridescent finish on the irons themselves, while a five-year guarantee should reassure you that they'll last a good amount of time.

Plus, the straightening is good and quick, which is all you really need. 

DysonBest Hair Straighteners 2020 Get The Look You Want image 1

Dyson Corrale


We're not going to pretend that they could possibly fit into most people's budgets, but the reality is that the Dyson Corrale is about as good as hair straightening gets.

The astronomical price is why they're not higher up this list, but, if you can afford them, you'll get amazing performance and great hair treatment.

Cordless, with incredibly quick straightening and an amazing premium design, it feels like using tech from the future, but there's no escaping the fact that the pricing is more than a little mad.  

Glamoriserbest hair straighteners 2020 get the look you want photo 8

Glamoriser Bluetooth Smart Straighteners


Our final set of irons has a bit of a tech twist - the Glamorise Bluetooth packs in connectivity to let you customise how the straighteners work from your smartphone. That means you can tailor it to your hair type and comfort. 

It's a great feature that we'd expect to spread through other competing models over time but is attached to a fairly solid, rather than stunning pair of straighteners.

It's not too pricey, either, making it a solid investment if the likes of a GHD seems a bit far-fetched for your budget. 

Kipozibest hair straighteners 2020 get the look you want photo 9

Kipozi Hair Straighteners


Kipozi's offering requires you to shell out a bit more dough, but, in return, you get a finish that should rival a salon experience.

For those who need to straighten their hair quickly, this manages to heat up in around 15-20 seconds, with users also able to adjust easily through the temperature controls.

It's an ideal choice for those who need something powerful and fast that still protects hair - this flat iron should be able to take care of fragile, damaged or healthy hair.

There is a safety auto off after 90 minutes of non use. Heat up to 380℉ at constant temperature in 15 seconds, takes less time to design a hair style and helps prevent damage. 

Vanessabest hair straighteners 2020 get the look you want photo 10

Vanessa Hair Straightener


For those who require a long plate when straightening their hair, this pick from Vanessa is a very worthy consideration.

The titanium plates should heat up to your desired temperature within around 15 seconds, while the swivelling end allows you to pull the straighteners in any direction and still maintain control.

Performance-wise, too, it's one of the very few that can match up fairly well to more expensive options.

Conairbest hair straighteners 2020 get the look you want photo 11

Conair Double Ceramic Flat Iron


Conair's ceramic plate flat iron is a good pick for those who only want to straighten their hair from time to time, giving you a solid performance for the entry-level price tag.

We wouldn't say the design is as premium or sleek as others on this list, but, as we say, it's perfectly fine for non-power users. It features five different heat settings to pick between, and the 1-inch plates should heat up within a minute or so.

Conairbest hair straighteners 2020 get the look you want photo 12

Conair InfinitiPro


Another one of Conair's entry-level straighteners, the InifinitiPro, is a top choice for those who want something sleek and fast-heating for occasional use.

It features 1-inch, long titanium plates, complete with a rainbow finish, that heat up within 30 seconds to your desired temperature. 

There are a total of six temperature settings to pick between, with the device also shutting off automatically.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 31 January 2020.