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(Pocket-lint) - If you've been skiing before, you probably know something about how bafflingly therapeutic it can be - whether you're bombing down slopes or taking your time. It explains why, all over the world, people move mountains to make sure that they can spend some time sashaying down slopes, sitting on slowly chugging lifts back up, before rinsing and repeating.

Whether you're snowboarding or skiing, there aren't many pastimes that can so comprehensively distract you from your everyday life, and pack in some beautiful mountain sights while you're at it. Still, though, skiing isn't exactly the cheapest activity, so it can be a bit daunting to consider it. 

Something that could make your life a bit easier, is some tech - whether you're looking to learn how to ski, or perfect your downhill game, there is a range of gadgets you could take with you for support. We've gathered some of the very best on this list for you. 

Our pick of the best ski tech to buy today

Carv best skiing gadgets 2020 hit the slopes with some smart ski tech photo 8


Whether you're pretty new to skiing or are reaching the point where you're not sure how to improve your technique, a coaching companion would be ideal, wouldn't it? Teachers are hugely expensive though and can be a bit restricted in terms of the time spent with you.

Thankfully, Carv has arrived on the scene to offer personalised coaching entirely digitally. The app connects to sensors that you wear in and on your boots, which tell it in minute detail how you're skiing and whether your balance is as it should be. 

It'll tell you how you did after each run, and what you need to improve on, plus show you how to do that, all through your headphones so that you don't have to fumble around on your phone each time you need an update. It's a great little gadget that will really help you to develop your abilities and confidence. 

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Garmin Fenix 6 Pro


Garmin's latest flagship watch is pretty much the marker to beat when it comes to sport tracking and metrics. It'll keep track of every detail of your health and fitness, as well as offering pinpoint maps and GPS data to boot. Plus, on the top-range version, you'll even get some power back through solar charging to expand the battery life a bit.

It's rugged and hardy, too, which makes it perfect for a skiing holiday. You'll be able to track your progress around a resort or mountain without needing to pull out a frozen phone every couple of minutes.

Livall The Best Skiing Tech For 2020 Hit The Slopes With Some Smart Gadgets image 1

Livall RS1 Ski Helmet


Safety is a serious business on the slopes - we're completely opposed to the idea of not wearing a helmet while pelting down a mountain on some sticks, personally. If you want to meld safety with some smart features, though, in particular the ability to play music via bluetooth without needing headphones, then Livall's helmets are godsends. 

The RS1 will let you listen to music (or, for example, Carv's instructions) clearly through its earpieces, but won't drown out the surrounding world, to help you avoid other skiers or hazards. Plus, they look great and aren't too much pricier than a normal helmet. 

Phoozy The Best Skiing Tech For 2020 Hit The Slopes With Some Smart Gadgets image 1

Phoozy XP3 Series


Anyone that's been up a mountain recently will know the anxiety of taking your phone out after a few great runs to find it worryingly freezing and inexplicably low on battery. That's because modern smartphones aren't anywhere near hardy enough for seriously cold temperatures, and battery life takes a serious hit as a result.

Sidestepping that whole issue isn't too challenging, though, thankfully - pick up a Phoozy pouch for your phone, pop it in their in your pocket or bag, and relax in the knowledge that it's both protected from water and rain ingress, and from extreme temperatures. When you need to check it, you should find that it's happy and performs normally.  

GoPro best skiing gadgets 2020 hit the slopes with some smart ski tech photo 7

GoPro Hero 9 Black


Once you're a bit more sure on your feet, let's talk about action cameras. There are few activities that lend themselves better to filming than skiing - even mediocre performances look great in wide-angle slow motion. If you're looking to film your descents, GoPro is the obvious choice.

Its latest Hero camera is the 9 Black, and it's predictably the best it's made yet. You'll get amazingly smooth video even without a stabilizer, and crystal-clear resolution will mean that your memories are preserved forever. 

Mammut The Best Skiing Tech For 2020 Hit The Slopes With Some Smart Gadgets image 1

Mammut Avalanche Airbag Backpack


For our final entry, though, we're returning to the question of safety. Skiing and snowboarding are amazing fun, but there's also no question that they're a darn sight more dangerous than most alternative pastimes. Crashing is one thing, but when you're up in the mountains there's a background risk of an avalanche that's a little terrifying, especially if you venture off-piste. 

Mammut's range of Airbag Backpacks could save your life if you are caught in an avalanche - they have expanding Airbags built-in which could ensure that you're not buried too tightly, letting you maneuver and either escape or call for help to do so. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.