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(Pocket-lint) - There's generally nothing fun about the process of hair removal. At best, it's a chore that requires you to periodically remember to go through whatever your routine is. At worst, it can be a painful ordeal. That might well be one reason why everyone has their own version of how they like to get rid of or manage their body hair, whether it's a bikini line, underarms, leg hair or facial hair. 

One of the mainstays of these routines are epilators, hair removers that tweeze hair away rather than trimming or shaving it with razors. They make for softer regrowth and longer-lasting results, although there's no escaping that it will take some time to get used to their more painful approach to hair.

There are myriad epilators on the market, from various brands and makers. Never fear, though. We've taken a detailed look into the various possibilities facing you, and narrowed them down to a selection of highlights to pick from. 

Our guide to the best epilators to buy today

Braun The best epilators for 2020 Great hair removal for around your body image 2

Braun Silk-Epil 9


Braun nabs the top spot on our list with a comprehensive epilator in the form of the Silk-Epil 9. It's got a range of attachments to let you do more than just pluck, but its core function is also tremendously efficient. An LED light lets you know if you're pushing too hard for maximum efficacy, while its wide head means that you can get good coverage as you work.

With its other heads making it double up as a trimmer and razor, it's a bit of a one-stop shop for your body hair, which is always useful to have. That said, we know that it's hardly a cheap solution, so bear that in mind if you're budgeting carefully.

Remington The best epilators for 2020 Great hair removal for around your body image 6

Remington EP7010


If you want to save your money but know that epilating is the way you want to go, then this really cheap but reliable option from Remington could be a great alternative. In fact, if you're actually just hoping to try out epilating, and aren't sure you'll stick with it, it could also be a good way to dip your toes in. 

It's much simpler than Braun's above, doing its thing well, and is also corded making for less convenient use. Still, though, for the price, you're getting a good epilator, which few models in the same category can claim. 

Philips The best epilators for 2020 Great hair removal for around your body image 5

Philips Satinelle BRE650/00


Philips has done something very impressive with this Satinelle epilator - it's managed to make it less painful to use than the vast majority of alternatives. With a range of heads, you can do a bunch of different things with it, but the core plucking function is impressively smooth and less painful than many others.

It's also comfortable to hold and has a wide head to get plenty of hair in each sweep. You can use it wet or dry, in case you prefer to epilate in the shower or bath. 

Braun The best epilators for 2020 Great hair removal for around your body image 3

Braun FaceSpa Pro 911 Facial Epilator


Epilating your legs is one thing, but many of the devices on this list would be more than a little intimidating if you wanted to use them on, say, your upper lip. Braun has made a specific device to counter that issue in the form of the FaceSpa, and it works a treat. 

It's a way more precise head to use and has heads to tone and cleanse your face, too, making it a great all-in-one solution for your face. A built-in timer will help you manage your treatments, and a stand will make it easy to store tidily in your bathroom.

Panasonic The best epilators for 2020 Great hair removal for around your body image 4


Our final entry goes to Panasonic, which has created something of a jack of all trades with its epilator. The attractive design is one of the nicer ones out there, while its controls are dead simple to use. 

It's got a wide, swivelling head for great access to your hair, but with a range of optional attachments can also do much, much more. From facial brushing to sonic cleansing, it's got really useful adaptability. Of course, on top of that its default tweezing is nice and efficient.  

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.