Best electric toothbrush 2021: Philips Sonicare, Oral-B, Quip and more

Superb cleaning modes, battery life and beautiful finishes make this an excellent electric toothbrush to consider. (image credit: Philips)
Oral-B's Position Detection ensures you brush your entire mouth - an elite feature on an excellent brush. (image credit: Oral-B)
A comprehensive clean while looking relatively stylish in your bathroom, this one is very hard to beat. (image credit: Philips)
Just about the fanciest toothbrush out there, the iO Series 9 brings advanced smart features and a tremendous cleaning package. (image credit: Oral-B)
If you're sceptical of electric toothbrushes and don't want to splash out, Quip offers an intriguing starting point. (image credit: Quip)

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