10 best designer tech gifts for 2021

A smartwatch with a splash of colour. 

(image credit: Pocket-lint)

Skagen's beautiful hybrid is a classy way to get some smart features if you don't fancy a screen on your wrist.

(image credit: Skagen)

An excellent, and sleek, smartwatch. 

(image credit: Pocket-lint)

A great case that's perfect for carrying accessories and tech. 

(image credit: Ted Baker)

Wireless charging can be stylish too, it turns out. 

(image credit: Ted Baker)
If you're in need of a tool that'll get your golf swing where you want it, then this is a tool for you. (image credit: Phigolf)
As far as unusual speakers go, this floating death star look-alike is sure to attract some fuss. (image credit: Unknown)
You can quickly boost your camera's capturing power with this simple lens clip-on. (image credit: Xenvo)
Alexa has proven to be a fantastic home helper, so it's obvious that it could also help while on the move. (image credit: Amazon)
The absolute essential item to forgetful people who have no idea where on Earth their keys or wallet have disappeared to. (image credit: Tile)

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