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(Pocket-lint) - We all know someone genuinely cool, right? Someone with a whiff of designer air about them. So, why not show them you understand their chic by treating them to something a little bit cool itself?

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Here are a selection of gifts for those that like gadgets, but also like style, like subtly, like quality, and are happy for you to pay for it without breaking the bank too much. 

We aren't talking £1,000 bags here, but great affordable designer focused tech that makes the perfect gift. Here are some of our favourites. 

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Michael Kors Access MKGO


This Fossil-made Michael Kors smartwatch will work with most Android or Apple phones and gives a stylish take on the smartwatch. It's got a distinctive look that's perfect for anyone who isn't afraid to style it out. The digital crown is used for scrolling through the apps, and of course the watch face can be changed to suit the wearer's style that morning, afternoon, or night.

Skagen 10 best designer tech gifts 2020 image 3

Skagen Hybrid Smartwatch


The Skagen Connected unisex hybrid smartwatch delivers a more traditional looking circular watch with a hidden fitness tracker so you can ditch the Fitbit look. Because it's a hybrid it doesn't need daily or weekly charging and with a range of different styles available, you're sure to find the perfect one for a friend or family.

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Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch


Smartwatches don't have to be clunky, and Fossil's newest generation of smartwatches certainly prove that. Able to work with both Android and iPhone, the touchscreen watch offers activity tracking and notifications on the go. Fossil makes a number of different styles too, if you want to shop a precise look.

Ted Baker 10 best designer tech gifts 2020 image 5

Ted Baker Cable Tidy Bag


This one's for those that already have plenty of gadgets and are always on the go. A cable tidy bag that's got multiple compartments to store your chargers, cables, and other bits and bobs when you're out and about.

Ted Baker 10 best designer tech gifts 2020 image 6

Ted Baker Qi Wireless Charging Pad


If they've got a new smartphone, chances are it's capable of wirelessly charging. Power up your Qi enabled phone with this stylish 7.5W wireless Qi charging pad from Ted Baker. Charging never looked so good.

Transparent 10 best designer tech gifts 2020 photo 13

Transparent Speaker

Speaker design can often be a little uninspiring - there are some broad trends toward fabric finishes and speakers that try to blend into the background, all looking pretty similar.

This range of gorgeous speakers from Transparent, though, is a glaring exception, with a striking see-through design that's sure to start conversations. The prices are pretty sky-high for what you're getting, but if you know someone who'd love this aesthetic it could be the perfect gift. 

Pocket-lint 10 best designer tech gifts 2020 photo 14

Casely for iPhone 12

For anyone who's got their hands on an iPhone 12, a unique and interesting case is a must-have both for protection and style.

We love Casely's offering, which has absolutely loads of interesting and off-beat cases to choose from, while also offering really good protection. 

Kate Spade 10 best designer tech gifts 2020 image 10

Kate Spade Apple Watch strap

This Kate Spade floral Apple Strap is perfect for anyone who's a fan of the designer and owns an Apple Watch. Far more accessible than the Hermes Apple Watch strap below, the delicate design will fit any 38mm or 40mm strap and instantly move the wearer away from the bog standard Apple Watch look.

Hermès / Apple 10 best designer tech gifts 2020 image 11

Apple Watch Hermès Strap

How to do you match style with function? Get them an Apple Watch Hermès strap. Handmade using Barenia leather that's super smooth to the touch, or more textured Epsom leather or supple Swift leather depending on taste, the stainless steel buckle recalls those on the straps of a saddle, apparently as a nod to the equestrian heritage of Hermès - classy stuff.

Phigolf 10 best designer tech gifts 2020 photo 16

Phigolf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator WGT Edition


To find that ever-evasive perfect swing can be a lifetime of work. With the help of the Phigolf Mobile and Home Smart Golf Game Simulator WGT Edition you might be able edge ever nearer that goal, and show up your mates on the fairway too. 

It comes with the app, a sensor and the swing stick.

Unknown 10 best designer tech gifts 2020 photo 17

Arc Star Floating Speaker


There's nothing quite like a gimmicky gadget to make your colleagues jealous. And in these times of working from home, that might just be your cat or dog. But they'll be just as impressed by the Arc Star Floating Speaker.

It doesn't just float though, as you can also take the speaker orb along with you for listening to your tunes wherever you go.

Xenvo 10 best designer tech gifts 2020 photo 18

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit


Phone cameras have come along in leaps and bounds, but sometimes it's nice to have that extra lens to give that little boost.

The Xenvo Pro Lens is compatible with iPhones, Samsung phones, Google Pixels and more.

It has a macro lens as well as wide angle, so you can get those cooler shots that your current phone might be limited in capturing.

Simply clip it on and away you go.

Amazon 10 best designer tech gifts 2020 photo 19

Echo Auto


If you use Alexa in your home, there's no reason it shouldn't also be found in your car.

Alexa Auto is a small device that allows you to get all the advantages of Alexa while you're driving. It simply clamps onto your air-conditioning fans and can help guide you where you want to go, make calls, or answer your random questions while in traffic.

Tile 10 best designer tech gifts 2020 photo 20

Tile Essentials (2020) 4-pack


Losing your keys is such a boring thing to have to deal with every day. That's where Tile has made life so much easier.

This Tile Essentials 4-Pack makes sure you have no excuse to lose anything else ever again.

These little devices will attach to your valuables and are able to be tracked, so even if you leave your wallet in the freezer, you'll find it before you freeze your cash.

It comes with Slim for your wallet, Mate for your keys, and two stickers for whatever else you lose daily. It works with Google Assistant, Alexa, Xfinity, and Siri, and even uses the greater Tile network to find your phone if it goes walkies.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.