(Pocket-lint) - The Raspberry Pi is a marvel of modern computing. The English made device packs some seriously impressive specs onto a board and even gives you change from £40. But where costs have been saved is in protection.

If you don't have a case on your Raspberry Pi, then all the components are left in the open and susceptible to damage. Fortunately, there are loads of choices out there when it comes to adding a protective layer to your beloved super-ish computer.

We've scoured the web to find what we believe to be some of the best, for the Model B and Zero, taking into account price, looks and how well it actually looks after your Pi. 

We'll continually update this feature whenever we come across anything new, so make sure to keep checking back.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Model 3 official case

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It's always best to start with the official case, not just for the Raspberry Pi, but for other electronics including mobile phones. You know they'll fit your device perfectly and they're usually of a high quality.

That's certainly the case for this official case, designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi Model 3 B. It gives you access to all the ports on your Pi Model 3 B and looks rather fetching in its red and white colour finish, complete with Raspberry Pi logo.

If you'd rather have something a little more sleek and that can camouflage itself amongst your sea of home entertainment kit, Raspberry Pi also make an all-black case, again only available for the Model 3 B.


Clear acrylic case for Model Pi 1, 2, 3

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If you want to show off your Raspberry Pi, all while keeping it protected, this clear acrylic case is worth your consideration. Its makers say it's easy to put the 9 layers of acrylic sheeting together, using four bolts.

It's available in a range of colours, offers access to all the ports, and a supplied Micro USB cable has an on/off switch on it, so you can turn your Pi on and off with ease.

SB Components

SB Components clear case

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If it's a clear case you're after, but you want to fit it to your Pi in a matter of seconds, SB Components' case could be your best bet. It's made up of two pieces of injection-moulded ABS that clip together quickly and easily. It's available in a range of colours, provides access to all ports and can be used with any version of the Model B.


OneNineDesign touchscreen case

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OneNineDesign's case is a little different to your 'regular' case. It's available either as a standalone case, or as a bundle with a touchscreen included. The touchscreen version will set you back £90, but you get a 7-inch, high-quality screen as part of the package.

There a number of operating systems available for the Pi which enable it to be run as a mini-computer, all of which can be controlled via the touchscreen.


GorillaPi case

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If it's serious protection you want for your Pi, GorillaPi wants to draw your attention to its tough black case. Compatible with all versions of the Model B, the GorllaPi case comprises two pieces of strengthened plastic, held together by four screws. Rest assured your Pi won't be able to move inside, while the rounded edges help to distribute any impact if you happen to drop it.


Pi-Blox case

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Lego fans rejoice, for there is a case for your Pi designed to look like a large Lego brick. It's officially endorsed by Lego, so you know any bricks you have will attach to it. There are holes on the bottom so you can build a platform for your Pi, and studs on top for building on top. As we all know with Lego, the possibilities for the Pi-Blox case are only limited by your imagination.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Zero W official case

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Let's not forget the Raspberry Pi Zero W. The Zero W has lower specs than the Model 3, but then it also costs a fraction of the price, in fact, it costs less than the official case! Raspberry Pi has adopted the same red and white colour finish as the Model 3 official case, and comes with three different lids. These either completely cover the Pi Zero, offer access to the GPIO, or the Pi Camera (sold separately).


Pimoroni Pibow Zero case

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Pimoroni has produced its own case that's compatible with both the Pi Zero and Zero W. It features a clear acrylic top, leaving the main board visible to admire. There are cut outs for all the ports and best of all, it's made in the UK.

Writing by Max Langridge.