Best cable tidy 2021: Sort out your messy cables!

Hide your cables the easy way with this subtle, and safe under-desk box.

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If you prefer your boxes in white, and don't want to spend as much, this is a great backup option.

(image credit: Hama)

If you've never collated your wiring together, you haven't known true pleasure - this system will help you out.

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If you want a simple solution to cable annoyances, cable ties are probably the way to go.

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These clever little nubs will be useful to anyone who knows the pain of fishing around for dropped wires.

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Organisation is useful on the go, and having portable storage can be a godsend.

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Your tech storage doesn't have to look nerdy, though, as this nice wrap demonstrates.

(image credit: STM)

This cleverly-designed little pad can be arranged to store things in whatever combinations and arrangements work best for you.

(image credit: Cocoon)

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