The world has suddenly gone crazy for all things Pokemon.

Millions of Pokemon Go players from across the world are not only doing their very best to catch 'em all, they're also showcasing their love for the Pokemon franchise and its Japanese animated characters by spending tonnes of money on merchandise items. Pokemon-related merchandise sales have risen 91 per cent in the last month, according to Adobe Digital Insights, which analyses sales of the top 500 US ecommerce websites.

USA Today also said that Pokemon-related searches on Walmart's website have doubled, and Target has seen an uptick in interest in Pokemon products as well. Even GameStop has had a 50-per cent increase in Pokemon sales. From Pikachu backpacks to Pokemon boxers, there are hundreds of items available to buy online. Homemade trinkets and vintage games are hot commodities too.

CaveGamers, an online seller of games on eBay and Amazon, is apparently running really low on stock for Pokemon games - and a remake of the first Pokemon game, called Pokemon FireRed, is now selling at double the price it was last month on Amazon. Pokemon Go has officially revived the Pokemon craze, including interest in Pokemon gear and games. 

And chances are - if you're reading this - you're one of the many who can't get enough of Pokemon. So, to help you scratch that itch, we've compiled a gallery full of Pokemon merchandise worth buying either for yourself or for someone else who just wants to be the very best.