The London Bike Show, also home to adventure and triathlon, is back for 2016 to show off all the latest gadget innovations for the active types.

Apart from a whole host of carbon, lycra and carbs the show is also home to gadgets that help make adventuring that much more achievable.

This year's show features plenty of electric bikes with all manner of integrated batteries for a far more futuristic look, while still offering plenty of performance. The likes of Blaze are back showing off the laser bike light that’s been adopted by London's Cycle Hire Scheme, with plans to offer more affordable consumer versions in the future. Then there are plenty of locks and high visibility safety bits and bobs in between.

There have also been advancements in safety in response to the number of cyclist deaths, including a smart system designed to make truck drivers aware of cyclists locations by sound alone.

We've trawled the show to find the best of the best in bike, adventure and triathlon gadget advancements. The result is the above gallery which lays everything out so you know what's available now at the cutting edge, or coming very soon.

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