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(Pocket-lint) - The ongoing pandemic continues to have a profound affect on all our lives, and this year's CES is no exception.

While it returned as in-person event, it still couldn't quite match the style and attendance of former years. Much of it, like last year, remained virtual-only too.

But that's all understandable and hasn't deterred companies from announcing some amazing products planned for the rest of the year.

This therefore is our list of the best devices launched during CES 2022 that you should keep an eye on.

Pocket-lint Best of CES 2022 photo 2

Acer Swift X 16

The Acer Swift X 16 not only comes with 12th Gen Intel Core processing, it is one of the first laptops to market with Intel Arc discrete graphics.

And, with its 16-inch IPS LCD display, it offers a decent sized screen for a very reasonable price point.

Alienware Best of CES 2022 photo 3

Alienware AW3423DW

This mammoth, curved monitor comes with a 34-inch display featuring a 175Hz refresh rate.

However, its main draw is the fact that it's one of the first to adopt QD-OLED - a new screen tech that adds an extra layer to an OLED panel that promises higher peak brightness.

Asus Best of CES 2022 photo 4

Asus ROG Flow Z13

The Asus ROG Flow Z13 truly is a multiple use device. Not only does it boast decent specifications for PC gaming it doubles as a powerful tablet too.

When not on the move, you just plug it into an eGPU dock for capable desktop play.

Pocket-lint Best of CES 2022 photo 5

BMW iX Flow

Possibly one of the most funky things we've seen at a CES in years, the BMW iX Flow uses an E Ink external covering to change the design and colour of the car.

An infinite amount of designs are possible, it is claimed. The technology could also be used for the interior of the car too.

Dell Best of CES 2022 photo 6

Dell XPS 13 Plus

Dell's XPS 13 Plus features a beautiful, minimailist design plus a glass trackpad with haptic feedback.

There's also a capacitive touch function row that can be swapped to media keys when needed, while express charging gives 80 per cent charge after an hour.

Pocket-lint Best of CES 2022 photo 7

Garmin Venu 2 Plus


While much of the Venu 2 Plus can also be found on the existing Venu 2, the new voice functionality is transformative.

It offers connection to both Siri and Google Assistant, even Bixby, and you can now even make calls through an all-new dial pad.

HyperX Best of CES 2022 photo 8

Hyper X Cloud Alpha Wireless Gaming Headset

HyperX is going big on accessories this year, with its first wireless game controller too. But this headset will undoubtedly attract hardcore gamers through its promise of up to 300 hours of battery life.

Add to that dual-chamber drivers and support for DTS Headphone:X 3D spatial audio and it's looking to be something quite special.

L'Oreal Best of CES 2022 photo 9

L'Oréal Colorsonic

Not all gadgets need to have a display or processing prowess to be genuinely useful. L'Oréal's Colorsonic caught our eye for potentially simplifying a reasonably complicated task.

It mixes and applies the exact right amount of hair colouring solution, with an oscillating nozzle of bristles that ensure it is distributed evenly. If you've ever tried to change the colour of your hair manually in the past, you'll know the how often it can end in disaster.

Lenovo Best of CES 2022 photo 10

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 3

We've seen multiple display notebooks in the past, but the ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 is perhaps the most spectacular yet.

It features an 8-inch portrait display to the right of the keyboard, which can be used as a touchscreen or with an included stylus. Plus, as the main 17.3-inch screen is 21:10, there's plenty of real estate for any task you can consider.

Lenovo Best of CES 2022 photo 11

Lenovo Yoga 9i

Lenovo's Yoga 9i is noticeable for a number of reasons, not least that it comes with a Bowers & Wilkins sound system - a first for the brand.

The 2-in-1 also sports an array of function keys down the right-hand side of the keyboard, which can be used to ramp up the performance of the machine and more.

LG Best of CES 2022 photo 12

LG G2 OLED evo

LG's new flagship OLED TV uses a new OLED evo panel that promised greater brightness than ever before. It also introduces a new processor - the Alpha 9 Gen 5.

However, perhaps most impressive is that you will be able to order new screen sizes up to a whopping 97-inches.

LG Best of CES 2022 photo 13


In contrast to the 2022 G2, the LG C2 range will start with a humble 42-inch model - something that could very much appeal to gamers.

On top of that, some of the models will also feature the new OLED evo panel, while gaming features have been tweaked to make even more of those next-gen console sessions.

Nvidia Best of CES 2022 photo 14

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050

As well as tease the uber-powerful, extremely expensive RTX 3090 Ti graphics cards, Nvidia uneiled this, a more affordable and, hopefully, more accesible entry-level alternative.

It'll still offer 4K 60fps PC gaming with ray tracing, but starting in the lower hundreds rather than 1,000s.

Panasonic Best of CES 2022 photo 15

Panasonic LZ2000

Panasonic's new flagship OLED TV brings a couple of big new features to the party. It comes with an ambient light sensor that can detect the colour temperature in the room - whether that be day or night, lit using cool or warm bulbs. This then changes the white balance on the set itself to present the most natural-looking image. 

In addition, there are new gaming setup options, a couple of HDMI 2.1 ports as standard, and a row of directional speakers along the bottom that match up- and side-firing drivers for true Dolby Atmos support.

Shiftall inc Best of CES 2022 photo 16

Panasonic MeganeX

If Panasonic has its way, accessing VR worlds will be easier to accomplish and more comfortable in the process.

It has shown these, the MeganeX VR glasses, which offer 2,560 x 2,560 pixels per eye, 120Hz refresh rate and 10-bit HDR, yet look more like flying goggles than the usual chunky headset.

They need to be tethered to a decent PC via USB, but are a great sign of the future for virtual reality technology.

Roborock Best of CES 2022 photo 17

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra comes with a meaty dock that not only charges the robot vacuum cleaner, but empties and even washes it.

That enables its mop to remain dirt free and therefore more capable of picking up dust on a daily basis.

Samsung Best of CES 2022 photo 18

Samsung Neo QLED 2022

Samsung didn't announce actual TV products by name this year, but its new Neo QLED refresh for 2022 looks promising nonetheless.

An enhanced Neo Quantum processor offers better contrast mapping across the backlight, which should improve HDR viewing greatly. There will be 4K and 8K models in the lineup, which will become more apparent later this year.

Samsung Best of CES 2022 photo 19

Samsung Odyssey Ark

There were plenty of computer monitors announced at this year's CES, with many being more unusual than normal. None more so than the Samsung Odyssey Ark, however.

Its huge, curved 55-inch screen can be viewed in landscape and portrait modes, encompassing the user with an almost total field of view experience - up, down or side-to-side.

Pocket-lint Best of CES 2022 photo 20

Samsung The Frame 2022

Samsung has dabbled with different generations of its The Frame TV concept for a few years now, but the 2022 model looks to have nailed the idea of doubling as a wall-painting when not in use.

That's because it features an anti-reflective panel certified by UL Labs. As it is "glare-free", works of art look more natural rather than hidden behind glass.

Sony Best of CES 2022 photo 21

Sony Master Series Z9K

While it will also introduce its first QD-OLED TV in 2022, Sony is going all out with Mini LED tech for its flagship TV range this year.

The Sony Master Series Z9K is an 8K set that will be available in 75- and 85-inch screen sizes. And, because it utilises thousands of tiny LEDs for the backlight, it will offer greater brightess to go with its involving black levels.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Editing by Britta O'Boyle.