This year has seen some amazing gadgets and devices make their way through the Pocket-lint offices, from the new Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV with 4K capability to the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and the Apple iPad mini 4.

Whether you are looking for the best tablet on the market to entertain your kids this Christmas, or you are looking for the best home entertainment device to keep them busy this festive season, you've come to the right place.

We've critiqued the best devices available over the past 12 months, culminating in the 12th Pocket-lint Gadget Awards in association with EE at the end of November, to make sure you know what the best of the best is when it comes to keeping your family entertained.

There are still a couple of days to get that letter with your list up to Santa, or you could just cut your losses and see what offers you can find yourself. Either way, you've come to the right place to find out what six gadgets should be on your list for entertaining the kids.

Apple iPad mini 4

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The Apple iPad mini 4 is faster, slimmer and more accomplished than its iPad mini 3 predecessor. This time around the mini succeeds in finding its place, despite not being as altogether powerful as the larger iPad Air 2.

It's a lovely, compact tablet with anti-reflective screen coating that makes it good for watching movies, playing games, and reading or writing on the go. The mini doesn't mean a compromise; this is as much iPad as many will need and it performs excellently as an on-the-go tablet.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3

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The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a 12-inch device that the company referred to as a "laptop killer" when it was first announced. It offers full Windows 8.1, a significant screen resolution with decent viewing angles and it is a viable laptop alternative when used with the keyboard cover.

The Surface Pro 3 is the most accomplished Surface yet, but even with its display, multi-window multi-tasking, variable position stand, touchscreen controls and included stylus, it might not manage to tick all boxes for all users. It is a brilliant device though and great for productivity on the go.

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Sphero BB-8

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At £130 the Sphero BB-8 is a little expensive, especially as the original Sphero is £30 cheaper and comes with more games. But with BB-8 you don't get the Star Wars experience and that's really what you're paying for here on top of the original.

Whether you're a Star Wars fan or not, BB-8 is great fun, especially if you take the time to create an obstacle course to traverse. It's likely to be one of the must-have Star Wars toys to own this Christmas.

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Anki Overdrive

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The kids we let loose in the office loved Anki Overdrive's different game modes, while the snappable, swappable track pieces gave them plenty of room to adapt and change the set when they got bored. Push the accelerator to full blast and the car whizzes around the track with little effort, while the cars are so intelligent it can take the fun out of it a little.

That said, Anki Drive is great fun and we love the way it merges the real and the virtual to great affect. Our kids told us that Anki is more fun than Lego Marvel Super Heroes on the PS4. And considering we struggle to get them off that, that's high praise indeed.

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Amazon Fire TV 4K

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The Fire TV is Amazon's fastest selling product of all time, both in its original set-top-box and streaming stick forms. There's only one product that deserves to best its sales records, and that's the second-generation 4K Ultra HD version. It is, quite simply, the best streaming box on the market.

Amazon's second-generation Fire TV box is a real step forward in the media streaming sector. By adopting 4K UHD streaming Amazon has set the bar high for others to follow. Anybody with an Amazon account will be tempted, even if they are yet to buy a 4K TV and if you do own a 4K TV, then welcome to the best option for sourcing UHD content in the UK.

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Chromecast 2

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The new Chromecast is an easy way to get content to your TV via your phone, tablet or PC without any hassle. Whether you want to playback from apps, mirror browser tabs (or local media playback within), or even play split-screen games - Chromecast 2 is the device that makes your basic TV extra smart.

The first Chromecast was near perfect and with the sequel, Google's has done some polishing to make it shine even more. It won't even begin to replace set-top boxes, but it does a great job of simplifying the process of flinging content from your smart devices to your television, for a good price.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

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The "standard" Galaxy S6, with its new metal build, was considered an impressive design push for the flagship range. The S6 edge, on the other hand, is an extravagant foray into capturing the imagination of public and pundits alike by showing off just how far design can be pushed.

When design is done correctly it fuses aesthetics with functionality. The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge does exactly that; it's a phone that turns heads, rightfully reinforcing its position as one of the most enticing flagships on the market and the most exciting phone we've seen for some generations.

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Apple iPhone 6S

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An iPhone S update year usually means a couple of new features that most people could take or leave, but the iPhone 6S is the most exciting S model for a long time. It bucks the usual trend, delivering a phone that will offer plenty to iPhone users new and old alike, with 3D Touch a principle new feature that will lead iPhone functionality going forward.

Improved battery life, enhanced cameras and slick operability from iOS 9 all make the iPhone 6S great to use, even if the screen resolution is still behind the current flagship curve. The addition of Live Photos, 4K video and baked-in Hey Siri might be less integral to all, but they're the kind of fun features people want and that Apple delivers well. The iPhone 6S is a device that doesn't disappoint.

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