After watching Wimbledon, countless Brits will be taking to their local courts for at least a week before getting bored again. After seeing the professionals, then realising one's own ability, it can be a bit deflating. But with this kit you could be good enough to keep going.

Tennis is a sport that already features a lot of tech, especially at professional games. But at your local court a Hawk-Eye system probably isn't on offer.

That said tech in tennis is plentiful and lots of it is there to make you better. We've compiled the best kit available now so when you get the Wimbledon bug it can be turned into ability in no time.

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Zepp tennis sensor

The Zepp sensor, originally created predominantly for golfers, also comes with a tennis specific app to help improve your game.

One of the great parts of the Zepp offering is the ability to analyse and improve a tennis serve. It's possible to capture and replay the serve in 3D to be viewed from any angle. This can then be compared to a pro so it's possible to see where improvements can be made.

The ball's contact with the racquet face can be viewed in the app, along with speed, consistency, impact time and more. This means everything from swing type to spin and power control can be worked on.

The app will even help users find their strengths so they can play to those for the most effective techniques to win.

The Zepp sensor with iOS or Android tennis app is available now for £130 on Amazon. It comes with a mount to attach to any racquet.

Pocket Radar Ball Coach

Measuring your swing is great but it's ball speed that's been the measure used by the pros for years. Now anyone can measure ball speed.

The Pocket Radar Ball Coach, as the name suggests, measures your tennis ball accurately from 25mph right up to 130mph, if you're that good.

The Ball Coach can be held by someone else or aimed from a tripod and set to Constant On mode to track you as you play. It stores the last 25 speed measurements.

The Pocket Radar Ball coach is available now for $300 which is about £190.

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OMsignal Biometric shirt

Smart clothes are the future and in an agile tennis environment they're well placed. OMsignal is creating cutting edge knitwear that'll track your heart rate, steps, breathing rate, calories and more.

The shirt connects to a small black box which sends data via Bluetooth to your smartphone. They even come with biometric training programmes to help you get fit with direct feedback - ideal for getting back into shape for the court.

The shirts are also machine washable, offer performance compression and use moisture management to keep you comfortable.

The OMsignal shirts start from $100 which is about £64.

Lobster Phenom Ball Machine with iPhone remote

If you're going to splash out on your own ball machine, it's got to be this one.

The Lobster, named because - well it looks like a lobster - not only spits balls out at up to 80mph every 2-9 seconds, but is also iPhone controlled.

This model has its own Wi-Fi receiver so your iPhone can connect directly via the app. Ideal for turning the angry red beast off after it has bruised you while trying to show off to your mates.

The Lobster Phenom Ball Machine can be bought now for around $2,300 which is about £1,460.

Adidas miCoach Speed Cell

Adidas has many multi-sport sensors for its miCoach but the Speed Cell is ideal for tennis.

Attach the Speed Cell to your tennis shoes and it'll track your rallies, speed in all directions and distance travelled. But it goes beyond that.

The Adidas miCoach Tennis App is a game in which your character can be improved by you improving on the court in real life. If that isn't motivation we don't know what is.

The Adidas micoach Speed Cell is available now for £55.

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Sony Smart Tennis Sensor

Sony's Smart Tennis Sensor connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth and feeds data like power, swing, spin and the like. It attaches to any racquet at the bottom and stays fairly inconspicuous as it's not particularly large.

It was originally launched at the Rome Masters in May and is available in the US and UK, as well as other regions globally, costing £169.99 for the device itself. There are several outlets online that stock it.

Future tennis tech

A start-up called Pulse Play has tennis kit coming soon.

The Pulse Play is a crowd-funded tennis wearable that goes on the wrist. This will measure both player's scores in a game keeping track overall. A simple tap on each point tracks it as a win. The band can even offer realtime score updates if you turn that feature on. There should also be an app that works on Apple Watch.

The Pulse Play is currently on Indiegogo where a set of two can be pre-ordered for $140 which is about £90. They plan to ship in October.

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