Summer is finally upon us and with it comes the primal desire to make fire and cook meat. But the barbeque itself doesn't have to be such an old traditional grill, there's plenty of new tech to make cooking outdoors even better.

The art of the barbeque has jumped leaps and bounds beyond the simple task of making a fire and heating some charcoal under a grill. Nowadays you can fire up a grill outside without needing to actually make a fire. You can even create a BBQ ready cooking station that goes from cold to hot in mere minutes.

But kit goes beyond the barbeque itself. Now there are ways of making even the most novice fire-starter and chef create a meal on the grill worthy of praise.

We've found the best barbeques and the best BBQ gadgets to help make outdoor cooking easier, faster, more fun to end up with the best food possible.

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If you want to make your barbeque as quick, simple and safe as possible you can't go far wrong with the Lotus Grill and Lotus MiniGrill.

The Lotus Grill is a battery-powered, fan-assisted unit that is ready to cook within 5-minutes of powering on. It's also totally smokeless so you should be able to use it anywhere. Before you worry about losing that smoky taste, know that the grill uses natural hardwood charcoal that's infused in the food via invisible gases. So you get the flavour without the carcinogens of flame-grilled food.

The newer Lotus MiniGrill goes from off to ready-to-cook in just 3-minutes. It's half the size of the Louts Grill at just 2kg and has a grill that prevents sticking so there's no oil needed, making it even more healthy.

The Lotus Grill starts at £140 while the Lotus MiniGrill is £100 on Cuckooland.

This has been described as the Roomba for your barbeque. It's a robot that will take care of cleaning your barbeque so you can cook, eat and that's it.

The Grillbot is armed with brushes on three corners. These spin and drive the bot around your grill, brushing it clean. A simple button touch sets it to go for 10, 20 or 30 minutes. It's rechargeable and the brushes can be replaced so you never need to clean your grill again.

Grillbot is $130 (about £88) and comes in red, blue, orange and black from Grillbots.

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If you've already got a barbeque but want to speed up the lighting process the BBQ Dragon can help.

Essentially the kickstarted BBQ Dragon is a glorified hair dryer. But it works far better than even the best stylist's kit with a BBQ heated to readiness in just 10-minutes. It's also powered by micro-USB meaning you can use anything that charges your phone, mobile or otherwise, to keep it powered. The BBQ Dragon clips to any barbeque and goes to work automatically so all you need to do is get the food ready to cook.

The BBQ Dragon is $60 (about £40) from BBQDragon.

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If a simple grill isn't enough and a true smoker is what you want you'd normally need to shell out for more charcoal. The Caliber Pro Kamado aims to change that.

This grill does it all, with slow cook settings to smoke meats or pizza stone addition to fire up a pie fast. There's even a rotisserie accessory for perfectly cooked birds.

It's good that you'll save money on charcoal as you'll need to shell out $1,800 (£1,220) to get one from BBQguys.

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When night descends it can make cooking on the barbque harder than it needs to be. Then there's that breeze that will inevitably blow smoke in your face. The BBQ Grill Light and Fan aims to tackle both those issues.

It simply clips onto your BBQ and uses 4 LED lights and dual fans powered by 8 AA batteries to make cooking a well-lit and smoke-free experience.

The BBQ Grill Light and Fan is $80 (around £55) on Amazon.

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This one moves away from the traditional BBQ while keeping the cooking in the garden, to make pizza.

The Uuni 2S is the next generation of this wood fired pizza oven that can make a pizza go from raw to cooked in as little as 90-seconds.

This bad-boy heats up to 500 degrees Celsius and uses a stone base to make sure pizza is cooked to crispy perfection. Simply load with wood chips, get the flames going and once up to speed start loading in your homemade pizzas. The result is a smokey taste and fun alternative to the traditional BBQ outdoor experience. 

The Uuni 2 is £199 and can be bought directly from Uuni here.

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