Best wine gadgets 2021: Electric openers, smart thermometers, geek decanters and more

The fear of a half-finished bottle of wine spoiling is a thing of the past, now that Coravin's here to keep your wine safe for practically ages. (image credit: Coravin)

Never mess up that bottle-opening procedure again, by outsourcing it to this handy gadget from Ozeri.

(image credit: Ozeri)

If the Coravin Model One's a bit pricey for you, this is a slightly lower-tech solution, but it'll absolutely get the job done.

(image credit: Google Images)

For anyone who fancies a bit of novelty at their next dinner party.

(image credit: Google Images)

This clever bottle thermometer works with an app on your phone so it can feed back the latest temperature to your device. 

(image credit: Kelvin)

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