(Pocket-lint) - Wine - it's not quite literally the nectar of the gods (ambrosia, if anyone's asking), but it's not far off, eh? The further you get into proper expertise about wine, though, the more likely you are to want some extra little bits to make your sipping experience the best it can be.

Thankfully, as you'd expect for a drink as popular and long-lasting as this, there are plenty of great wine gadgets around to help you make the most of your wine drinking.

It doesn't matter what type of wine drinker you are, though - whether you've bought a cheap bottle from the store, or are in the habit of ordering slightly more premium cases online. Everyone's welcome here.  


Coravin Model One


Around for a few years now, the various Coravin models can do something incredible - access wine without opening the bottle. Yes, you read that right.

The Coravin uses a medical-grade needle to slide through the bottle's cork to extract wine and then slides back up allowing the cork to reform.

By not boring away at the cork the seal is maintained. The Coravin system also uses argon gas capsules to create a perfect seal in the system. The result is a wine that will last for years even after you've enjoyed a glass. It's great for collectors and is extensively used by restaurants who want to offer stacks of wines by the glass.

While there is a much more expensive, completely automated version called Coravin Model Eleven, the Coravin Model One is available at a much more palatable price.


Ozeri Pro Wine Bottle Opener


Opening a bottle of wine can be an embarrassing affair if you mess it up. Technology to the rescue. Spend a little more than you would on a normal opener and you can let the wonders of science and electricity do all the work for you.

The Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Bottle Opener is ultra-light and cordless with an ergonomic design that lets you grip easily as the cork is removed. The power is good for 40 wine bottle openings before needing a charge in its included charging base.

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Vacu Vin Wine Saver


Waste not want not goes the saying. But pushing a cork back in a wine bottle is as good as smashing it on the floor if you're going to leave it any length of time. But use a wine saver pump to suck the air out of the bottle and it will keep for even longer.

The Vacu Vin is cheap, comes with two stoppers and works easily with a simple pump. The pump will click to alert you that the bottle is devoid of air when it's ready. It works will all wines except sparkling.


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Erlenmeyer Flask Decanter


Geek decanters are not only novel but they're functional too. This scientist's Erlenmeyer Flask can hold just over 2 litres of wine, or a magnum for those that buy them. It includes a glass stopper to keep the aromas locked in, and the wine in good condition if a magnum is too much all at once.

But above all else, of course, it will decant the wine for the perfect flavour. And if you want to keep track of drinking there are graduated markings along the sides. 


Kelvin K2 Smart Wine Monitor


No more guesswork. This thermometer takes things into the 21st century by telling you the exact temperature of your wine, alongside its recommended state.

Writing by Dan Grabham and Luke Edwards. Editing by Stuart Miles.