Best pet gadgets 2021: High-tech devices for your cats and dogs (and yourself)

A solid tracker that's really easy to use and durable. 

(image credit: Whistle)

A great little tracker that clips onto a collar. 

(image credit: Tractive)

Remote feeders are a godsend when you want a holiday, or indeed in normal life. 

(image credit: Petnet)

Get that pet's eye view with this great camera harness. 

(image credit: GoPro)

A really fun way to get your cat playing and curious. 

(image credit: Cheerble)

There's nothing like a laser pointer to send some pets wild. 

(image credit: Petcube)

Stop your pets from getting lonely with this camera.

(image credit: Furbo)

Heat can be dangerous for dogs, so keep one of these collars on hand.

(image credit: Novel Brands)

Playing fetch isn't tiring with this great launcher.

(image credit: iFetch)

If your pet wants running water, this is a useful solution, 

(image credit: Semai)

Sometimes you just need something to clean them off with!

(image credit: Mud Daddy)

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