The Ryder Cup is underway and everyone is inevitably going to be dusting off their clubs to get out on the green stuff soon. But with packed courses adding pressure to play well, those out of practice may require a little assistance.

We've found the best kit to enhance any golfer's game, from beginners wanting to improve to seasoned players trying to hone and perfect their game. We've even put in a few fun gadgets too.

TomTom Golfer


The navigation specialist TomTom has released a golf specific watch that aims to make your game far easier. By providing enhanced information about a course the TomTom Golfer should make judging shots far easier meaning less to think about with more focus on the game itself.

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The TomTom Golfer is able to display hazards, green distances and green hazards as well as keeping track of the round including scores, distances and time. It's also weather resistant so can stay with you even when the wind and rain are threatening to affect your handicap.

The TomTom Golfer is available now in white and green or dark grey and green for £200.

Leupold GX-2i PinCaddie laser rangefinder


The Leupole PinCaddie is a digital rangefinder that uses lasers and lenses to offer an accurate measurement of distance. It works in both yards and metres, includes a scan mode, and stretches up to a range of 600 yards – beyond even Tiger Woods' drive.

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The lens offers 6x magnification allowing you to spot the pin and read the range of anything in the crosshairs. Leupold also claims the PinCaddie can take a real beating and keep going thanks to the rugged waterproof build. The battery should last a whopping 7,000 sightings before needing to be changed. For the money you'll be hard pressed to find a better kitted rangefinder.

Automatic CaddyTrek Golf Cart


If you thought golf wasn't a physically exerting sport as it stands, this won't help sway you. Ideal for older golfers the CaddyTrek CT2000-BA golf cart is electric and automatically follows its owner while carrying the clubs.

The CaddyTrek should last for 27 holes, according to its manufacturers. It uses "robotic sensors" to follow the owner about the course. It's not clear if this is laser and camera sighted or if it follows the remote that comes with it. The remote allows for manual controls too, in case you want to send it ahead to the pin for example.

The CaddyTrek features a 10Ah battery, folds down to a plane's carry-on luggage size, uses dual 250W motors, weighs 15kg without battery and can carry up to 20kg. It's available now for $1,795 which is about £1100.

Gotham Golfcart


If a smart golf cart that follows you isn't enough why not splash out on a full golfcart designed to look like the Batmobile?

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The Gotham Golfcart will set you back $35,000 which is about £21,500. It's based on the Dark Knight wheels and features six wheels that can handle anything the course can throw at it. The rear four are 28-inch versions of the tyres seen in the film. It's all powered by a 6-horsepower, battery-driven motor that can reach up to 38mph.

The Gotham Golfcart weighs in at 635kg and is available now. Just make sure you have the Batman suit too or, you know, you might look silly.



Swingbyte is a mobile golf swing analyser that should help you perfect your swing. Attach the unit to your clubs and swing away as the accompanying app tracks you and stores your data on your phone.

Swingbyte creates a 3D visual of the swing along with key data including speed, club face angle, club path and more. Using all this you can compare to what would be better and improve and ultimately perfect your swing.

The Swingbyte unit connects to iPhone or Android via Bluetooth and features online analytical tools for deeper study.

The Swingbyte can be bought now for $169, which is about £105.

Garmin Approach S4


The Garmin Approach S4 offers 30,000 course guides with shot distances, digital scorecard, green layup details and more.

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The 58.4g watch is water resistant to 10 metres and manages 10-hours on a charge. It can pair with iPhone via Bluetooth to display calls, texts and emails as you're going around the course so the phone can stay in your bag.

A dedicated Green-View button takes you to the Green View screen where a true shape and layout of the green can be seen. The pin can be touched and dragged to the day's location for an exact measure of distance so swing power can be calculated perfectly. A Measure Shot feature helpfully calculates yardages for shots played anywhere on the course.

The Garmin Approach S4 is available now for £290.



The SensoGlove is a smart wearable gadget that's specifically for golf. To be more exact it's for tracking the pressure of your grip aimed at reaching the ideal squeeze-to-swing ratio.

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According to the manufacturer getting the grip right for your swing will equate to a far greater drive distance. The glove features a screen on the back of your hand showing pressure so you can get it ideal. There are also audio feedback options should you want to be talked through the swing - a bit like a personal golf lesson.

The SensoGlove is available now for $89 which is about £55.

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