Bike theft is a bigger problem than ever, with more bikes on the roads as riders try to go green. While it might save money on travel it is costing people too much in thefts. Fear not technology, as ever, is here to save the day.

We've collected up the best tech to help you hang onto your trusty metallic steed.

Bike Spike


This is one of the original GPS tracking devices for bikes, graduating from crowd funding, making sure thieves who do manage to run can't hide.

Attaching the Bike Spike is easy but thanks to security screws removing it isn't so simple. That means you can track your bike wherever a would-be thief might take it. Users can even set levels of sensitivity on the accelerometer so as to detect tampering. This will then text the user allowing them to get to the bike before it's even taken.

Should the bike be taken Bike Spike will immediately start tracking. Users can set how regular the location updates come through to balance accuracy with battery life. Setting zones is also possible so parents can detect if a child goes out of that zone, as well as bike owners being able to track if their bike leaves the office for example. So sensitive is the Bike Spike it can even detect a crash and be set to notify friends or family if needs be.



More than just a tracker Lock8 is the digital smart lock that lets you secure your bike using an app. It's so smart you can simply walk away from your bike and Bluetooth will detect you've left it, automatically activating the alarm. Theft attempts, detected by the accelerometer, temperature sensor or smart cable, activate a 120db alarm while texting the user. Other Lock8 owners can also be alerted allowing the community to police their own bikes. Users can even share bikes by digitally unlocking them for friends from anywhere.

Should the bike be taken, by loading it onto a truck say, then the GPS will kick in allowing users to track it. Since the lock itself can't be removed the thieves will be tracked until they're caught. Or put the bike inside out of GPS sight, of course. But then the last location is still visible.

The Lock8 will add 350g weight to your bike, but is that a bad thing for peace of mind? It even uses wireless induction charging to make boosting the battery easy.



This is a really simple yet ingeniously clever lock. It's made of titanium so it's light yet super strong – the ultimate combination for any bike lock. That means it's not cheap, but it should be worth the cost.

TiGr attaches to any bike along to top tube with Velcro, making it aerodynamic and universal for bikes. It can be slipped off then run through both the rear and front wheels as well as around the frame and whatever it's being locked to thanks to its flexible form. The stainless steel castings that affix to either end are resistant to many methods of attack.

The TiGr comes in three sizes: Standard 24-inch, Long 30-inch and Short 18-inch with prices starting at $180 and going up to $220.



Helios isn't just a GPS tracker but a complete bike upgrade. Built-in LED lights in the front and rear of the drop or bullhorn handlebars make the bike smart. Coupled with Bluetooth tech the handlebars can actually guide users to a location.

Know a secure place to ride towards for locking your bike? Using Google Maps you can be guided by flashing lights on the handlebars. The faster they flash on the left or right, the nearer your turning is. And a tap of the button on either side will activate indicators for a five second burst to let other road users know where you're going.

The Helios also features a headlight which can be set to automatically turn on when its owner is near and switch off when the user walks away. The LEDs are multi-coloured and can be set to show speed changing as the user speeds and slows, allowing other road users to judge intentions more easily. The idea is to make the rider safer.

The Helios lasts 9 hours on the brightest setting and can be recharged via an included USB cable and adapter.