Whether you’re looking to buy a gift or you've just found a £50 note in the street and want to turn it into tech, we’ve compiled a list of the best gadgets out there a single note can buy.

From mobiles and tablets to sports kit and toys we surprised ourselves with what you can buy for £50. And with some of them you might even get some change.

Phone: Binatone The Brick

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Buy someone a joke piece of the past with this Eighties style mobile that actually works. It’s got Snake built in for gaming, takes a normal SIM and will even connect via Bluetooth to piggy-back another phone. And there’s a microSD slot and music player on board so you can use it as a retro MP3 player. All that and it’s only £30 at Carphone Warehouse.

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Tablet: Amazon A13 Allwinner 7-inch tablet

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This is a very budget tablet, but if you want a slate that works and runs Android for only £34.30 on Amazon this is ideal. You’ll get a 7-inch touch screen, no doubt with a poor resolution, a 1GHz ARM Allwinner CPU and Mali 400 graphics, an impressive 4GB or RAM, an 8-megapixel camera and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Great as a destroyable gift for children.

Fitness: Fitbug Orb

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A well-specced fitness tracker that undercuts the competition in price at £42.50 on Amazon. Record your daily steps taken, calories burned and distance travelled and even your sleep patterns using the Orb. It comes with a wrist strap, belt clip and lanyard so you can wear it whatever you’re doing. Software includes a free membership to Fitbug KiK that offers personal training to help hit goals. It’s currently iOS compatible and is coming to Android soon.

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Camera: Manfrotto Klyp

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Turning the iPhone 5 or 5S into a usable camera that really takes advantage of the hardware is easy. The Manfrotto Klyp is not only a product from a great brand but is also at an excellent price for £25. The Klyp will encase the phone allowing attachments of lights or tripods for shooting video or photos clearly. A Pixi pocket tripod is a further £25 and a good light, the Klyp ML240 is a further £60.

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Computer: Western Digital My Passport Ultra

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A 500GB hard drive that’s light, compact, fast and features USB 3.0 all for £49. Who would have thought it possible? And if you want to stretch the budget to £60 you’ll get a 1TB storage, or 2TB for £99. It even comes with free passes to back-up software that will automatically back up your data securely once you’ve set it up.

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DIY: Sugru magnet kit

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Sugru is essentially posh putty that’s now being sold with magnets in a kit. The D357 battery sized magnetic discs let you marry together anything their magnetism can support. Bike lights are the most obvious use, but it’s really pretty limitless up to a certain weight. And they’re only £10 for a set of four.

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Toy: Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Centurion

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Every man and boy should own or have at least used a Nerf gun. And this sniper one is the pick of the bunch with a 23-metre range, huge foam darts, 6-dart magazine, and a loading mechanism like a real sniper rifle. You can’t put a price on that kind of fun. Well, you can, £35.

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Accessory: Native Union POP Desk

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Turn a mobile phone into a desk handset using this dock and phone combination from Native Union. The POP Desk will set you back £31 and give you a cabled traditional style phone handset for making and receiving calls while keeping your phone screen open for use while in the call. It also offers noise reduction smarts and a pick-up-to-answer and hang-up-to-drop call support.

Home: Lumen smartbulb

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Control your light's colour, brightness and timings from your mobile. The Lumen smartbulb uses Bluetooth, so you won’t need to fork out for that Wi-Fi hub like on the Philips Hue. That means the price can be brought down but it also means you won’t be able to control the lights from anywhere in the world. But with the ability to set timers on the Lumen smartbulb you shouldn’t need to anyway. You can pick one up for £40 now.

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App: Tom-Tom UK & Ireland

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While a full satnav is too much for the £50 budget, the gift of smart travel is still an option thanks to app. The TomTom app is around £40 and includes maps with navigation, 3D views, offline maps, lane guidance, free lifetime maps, free daily map changes, spoken street names, fastest routes, speed cameras and traffic. TomTom is available on iPhone and Android.

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