You've got an iPad, and you've probably started to realise that it gets kinda heavy after a while; but rather than perch it up against something on your desk or against a wall, you can buy a number of stands that promise to take the burden out of propping it up so you can go about enjoying your iPad in style.

After all that's the cool way to do it isn't it?

HyperMac Stand

While most iPad stands are just that, the HyperMac Stand offers power as well as other features that you perhaps wouldn't expect.

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Coming with two rubberised slots to hold your iPad at 18 and 45 degree angles, as well as portrait and landscape, case and no case, the battery powered stand will also more than double the life of your new favourite gadget by adding a further 16 hours of juice for when you are on the go.

Small enough to carry in your bag, claim its makers Hypershop, there is also a 5-stage LED battery status display so you can see how much power you've got left before you leave the house.  And yes, it supports pass through charging, charge both battery and iPad at the same time.

Price $129.99


Joule by Element Case

The Joule work stand for your iPad is a solid block of aluminium that comes in a brilliant polished finish or a black anodized coating; while custom coatings and laser engraved graphics are also available, claim the makers.

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That protruding rod at the back is magnetically attached at the rear and allows for quick and easy viewing angle adjustments, while rubber pads at the bottom assure a firm grip on any surface.

Of course all that metal against metal could be a problem so the makers have added a touch of velvet in the recess that holds the iPad comfortably and securely.

Price $129.99


Scosche Kickback for iPad

It's not available to buy until September, according to Scosche - the company behind the kickback - but if you are looking for a case and a stand this is one of the options to go for.

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As you might of guessed this option does both, offering you protection on the go and the chance to watch movies without having to worry about where to rest your iPad.

Price $59.99


Griffin Technologies A-Frame

The A-Frame is a heavy aluminium stand, which swings open to hold your iPad upright, in either portrait or landscape view.

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There are two viewing angles available, either standing up or lying down; positioning your iPad at the perfect angle for use on a desk- or table-top whether you're surfing, reading or gaming.

Rather clumsily, there is a soft silicone cradle at the bottom, but it will hold your iPad in place.

Price $49.99


HexaPose Stand for iPad

Want your iPad to look like an iMac? Of course you do and the InnoPocket HexaPose iPad Stand is the iPad stand that will help that dream become a reality.

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Made of solid aluminium and tough polycarbonate, it comes with a rotatable pivot that will allow you to freely rotate your iPad horizontally or vertically. The pivot can also be adjusted three ways giving different viewing angles for whatever you fancy doing.

All you've got to do is clip on your iPad.

Price $49.99


Compass Mobile Stand for iPad

Compass is a compact folding stand that lets you use your iPad in two different modes: as an easel, or as a keyboard/trackpad.

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Forged from heavy gauge steel, this slim, travel friendly stand lets you enjoy both hands-free and hands-on use of your iPad on the go, claims the makers Twelve South.

The good thing here is that the stand folds up just like your compass set at school, making this ideal for travelling with.

Price $39.99


BookArc for iPad

The BookArc Stand is one of the only stands we've seen that will allow you to connect your iPad to the dock connector cable and have it in portrait mode.

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That's possible because of the arc in the design. Like the Compass from the same company, Twelve South, the Book Arc is also made from heavy gauge steel with a soft silicone, reversible insert to hold the iPad in four different positions.

Price $39.99


UpStand for iPad

If you're going to treat your iPad like a monitor, why not just go the full hog and make it look like one.

That's clearly the thinking behind the UpStand that makes your iPad look like a computer monitor for when it's on your desk or kitchen counter.

"Precision engineered from aluminium, the UpStand’s supporting grips are finished in rubber to hold your iPad firmly in place and keep it pristine", says the blurb on the shop page.

Price $39.99


While the rest are a lot more exciting, you could always just opt for the standard Apple Dock Connector that lets you connect and charge your iPad at the same time. 

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As it's suitable for charging your iPad, due to the standard 30-pin connector, we presume you'll be able to double it up as an iPhone or iPod charger too.

You'll also be able to use it with some of the other accessories being launched like the Camera Connection Kit. Failing that it will let you connect to a stereo or powered speakers via the audio jack.

Price  £25


iPad Keyboard Dock

Okay, so it's got a keyboard in the way of the stand, but at least that means you can use it to type stuff if you aren't that great with the onscreen keyboard option.

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Many might see this as a step back for Apple, a concession that the on-board touchscreen keyboard will struggle under heavy use. Either way it takes away the argument that you won't be able to do any real typing on the iPad. Like the regular dock it will let you plug in other accessories and, for some, it could mean the end of their laptop completely. Certainly their netbook. It will be interesting to see if the keyboard dock works with the iPod touch and the iPhone.

Price £55


DIY Pencil Stand for iPad

If all the above sound a bit rich and your cash has already gone on buying the iPad in the first place, there are a number of DIY options available to you; from sawing a piece of wood to making a stand to six pencils and four rubber bands.

Geekygadgets, who've come up with the idea, recommends using pencils with rubber tips and says that "the ferrule metal connectors that hold the eraser to the pencil provide great locator's for the edge of the iPad and work like a dream, providing just enough friction to keep the iPad in either landscape or portrait orientation".

Price Free


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