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(Pocket-lint) - Les écouteurs antibruit sont devenus presque un élément essentiel du quotidien pour beaucoup dentre nous, quils soient utilisés pour isoler votre plaisir découte lors de vos déplacements matinaux ou pour noyer le drone dun moteur à réaction.

Et comme nous sommes beaucoup plus nombreux à travailler à domicile, il y a toutes les raisons pour lesquelles vous devriez en acheter une paire.

Mais avec autant de choix disponibles, trouver le meilleur casque pour vous nest pas une tâche facile. Certaines paires auront une suppression du bruit plus efficace, tandis que dautres sonneront mieux - il peut donc être difficile de trouver le juste milieu.

Nous avons rassemblé nos favoris et choisi ce que nous pensons être la meilleure paire que largent puisse acheter actuellement, pour rendre la décision beaucoup plus facile.

Notre sélection des meilleurs écouteurs ANC


Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700


Think of noise-canceling headphones and chances are you'll think of Bose. Despite the imaginative name, these over-ear cans deliver very imaginative sound quality to rival the best competition out there. And the multi-level noise-canceling is class-leading.

There's also smart assistant integration for the big three (Google, Amazon, Apple), a solid app for various customizations (but no EQ, sadly), and well-integrated touch-based controls on the right earcup.

We can think of no other pair we'd rather take on our travels. Bose is the boss when it comes to noise-canceling.


Sony WH-1000XM4


Sony has updated the 1000X headphones once again, taking an approach as aggressive with product launches as it is with cutting out external noise. Design tweaks add quality and refinement to these headphones, while a new-and-more-powerful chip provides the grunt to cancel out more noise.

The results are sensational, with the 1000XM4 not only sounding great as a set of headphones but also being some of the most effective at combatting external noise through more selectable levels.


Bowers and Wilkins PX7


Bowers and Wilkins is no stranger to the audio game; the British-based company has been going since 1966, and its older ANC pair of headphones, the PX, was a mainstay on this list. So when we heard it was updating them with new tech, safe to say our ears certainly pricked up. When we actually got them onto our ears, our expectations were, amazingly, exceeded once again.

The PX7 headphones look great, and they sound even better. B and W's noise cancellation is at the top of its class, and adding features like aptX Adaptive support makes for smoother listening experiences and better future-proofing. Really impressively, too, the headphones are even more comfortable than ever before, making for a dreamy user experience. 

While they might not be sitting on the very top of our list, these are a seriously impressive pair of headphones, make no mistake, and you'll be certain to like them if you pick them up. 


Beats Studio 3 Wireless


The Beats Studio 3 Wireless are likely to appeal to iPhone owners more than those using an Android phone, only because they're the latest pair to benefit from Apple's W1 chip (which has been replaced with the H1 chip, moving forward). This means these cans automatically try to pair with an iOS device when within distance, and once paired are available to instantly connect to from all other Apple devices using the same iCloud account.

The Studio 3 Wireless have some very clever noise-cancellation technology onboard too. It constantly measures the sounds around you - up to 50,000 times per second - and adjusts both the noise-cancellation and sound profile accordingly, to make sure you're getting the most effective sound blasted into your ears.

The sound is less bass-tactic that you might expect from this headphone company too, yet still impactful, while the battery life just goes on and on and on. 


Bang and Olufsen BeoPlay H9i


The Bang and Olufsen BeoPlay H9i is one of the more expensive pairs of noise-canceling headphones to grace our ears, but in return, these cans provide a supreme level of comfort, thanks to high-quality materials.

To complement the fantastic build quality is the incredible sound quality - and these headphones evolve themselves beyond the original H9s. The H9i has boosted the noise-canceling ability, while shrinking the ear cups a little, thus making them a little more practical.

With a wealth of competition at lower prices, the BeoPlay H9i need to do a lot to justify their asking price, but we'd spend the extra for the build and comfort. If you want really strong noise-canceling, however, then look to the Bose (above) for that totally 'locked-in' quality.


Sennheiser HD 450BT


Most of the cans on this list so far have something in common - they're seriously pricey. Now, Sennheiser's great HD 450BT aren't exactly cheap, but they're more affordable and offer superb sound at a reduced price point. You get really long battery life to go with that nicely balance listening, and they're really comfortable to wear, too.

Plus, the noise cancellation might not be adaptive, but it's still effective and more than enough for most people to get lost in their music with. We're really impressed by the HD 450BT, and are confident they'd make a great pick for anyone with a slightly tighter budget. 


Sony WF-1000XM3


Sony has applied its audio expertise to noise-canceling in-ear headphones too. We've seen what the company can do with a pair of over-ears, so we had mighty high expectations for the entirely wire-free in-ear model - now in its third-gen form.

These wireless in-ears deliver a well-balanced sound that's neither too bassy nor too bright; we found it to be just right. The noise-cancellation is just as accomplished, too, effectively blocking out the general humdrum of everyday life, as well as plane and train noises. 

Sony isn't the only maker to market with true wireless headphones with ANC - Apple's on the scene now, and we recently also tested the Libratone Track Air Plus in-ears - but the WF series has a style, swagger, and musicality that's hard to beat.


Apple AirPods Pro


In some ways, Apple took its time getting to noise cancellation, although the huge success of its AirPods without the feature might have given it some time to work with. The AirPods Pro adds the functionality at last, though, and in one fell swoop has solved what was likely to be most people's two biggest issues with its earbuds.

Firstly, they can now fit a far wider range of ears, with three earbud sizes to pick from rather than the older AirPods "hope they fit" approach. Secondly, the superb ANC Apple's used means that you can actually rely on the AirPods Pro to be audible even on the busiest of commutes. 

With slightly smaller stems than previously, they're also less obvious than ever, design-wise, and make a great choice, especially if you're an iPhone user. That quick and reliable pairing is as useful as ever. 


Libratone Track Air Plus


As in-ear headphones go, this product sounds truly exceptional, is comfortable to wear, offers sweat-proof build for those active sessions, and a noise-cancellation system that's genuinely smart.

In a world where the so-so AirPods seem to get all the attention, or far pricier Sony and Sennheiser products receive some of the loudest shout-outs, Libratone has done its utmost to stand out from the crowd.

The price alone will be a massive lure. But that's not the sole reason to buy the Air Plus - no, you'll want to don these in your ears because everything on offer, from sound to comfort to capability, is delivered at the highest level.

Écrit par Mike Lowe.