Sony has jumped on board the wearable tech express, with the Japanese giant using this year's CES to lift the lid on its SmartBand device, a wearable wristband that is compatible with the new Sony Core tracker.

But it's not just about steps or distance travelled, as Sony wants to track your every move. Whether it's when you take a photo on your smartphone, how many hours sleep you have had, how long you've listened to music that day, or how far you've walked, the associated Lifelog smartphone app lays everything out in front of you, like an ultra-detailed calendar.

It's not yet available to preview in full but we were shown a swanky presentation and demonstration video on a tablet to illustrate the app's features. A day can also be played back in an animated style - although we can't really see the need.

sony smartband pictures and eyes on sony lifelog and wearable tech on display at ces 2014 image 2

The main points of interest are the SmartBand and Core devices. We've seen all manner of wearable tech in the last 18 months or so - think Nike FuelBand 2 and similar - and style is one of the elements that many manufacturers have failed to get right.

But Sony looks to have really considered the SmartBand's design. We weren't able to hold it, as the trio of devices and single Core product were tucked away behind a glass column, but visually they looked stylish without being too bulky or imposing and we were shown how the device clips on around the wrist.

The Core acts as the heart of the SmartBand and can be removed. The ability to remove the "brain" from the design element will open up future-proofing on both sides of the coin.

sony smartband pictures and eyes on sony lifelog and wearable tech on display at ces 2014 image 5

The black, white or lime green SmartBand colour options are finished with a subtle texture, complete with silver-colour clasp which all looks rather lovely.

With Nike and established players already in this market space, the success of the SmartBand could be affected before it even launches. It has caught our attention though, so we look forward to getting a proper session with the new device when it makes it to a more complete stage in its development. For now, enjoy the pictures and see what you make of it.