Withings has announced a new smartwatch during consumer electronics show IFA 2014, designed to be a "wearable that is actually wearable".

The Withings Activité can track activities, swimming and sleep, plus it will also double up as an alarm and it does all of this while looking near enough like a normal watch.

Much smaller and subtler than other smartwatches on the market, the Withings Activité features a really lovely design that offers a standard analogue face with a secondary dial in the bottom right hand corner.

The watch face features a stainless steel perimeter that gives a premium look and feel to the device and it is protected with sapphire glass so you will struggle to scratch it, which is great.

withings activité smartwatch brings swiss made style to activity tracking hands on  image 9

A small Withings Activité logo sits at the top of the face, which is no more in your face than any other standard watch and there are no numbers, with just lines to distinguish the time. This works really well as it offers a very fuss-free design.

The second dial features a red hand, giving the watch a little dash of colour that we loved from a design point of view. It was subtle enough to blend in but it added just that little something extra to make the watch face a bit more exciting.

This dial is what tells you how you are getting on with your goal in terms of percentage. There is a 0 mark, a 50 mark and a 100 mark, along with lines in between to let you know exactly how you are doing.

Once you reach your goal, which you set on the accompanying iOS app, the watch will vibrate and do a little dance, so we were told. We suspect that means the hands will move more ferociously and there will be some vibration or something.

withings activité smartwatch brings swiss made style to activity tracking hands on  image 11

The strap is made from French leather and it's very soft and luxurious, making it very comfortable to wear. It comes in tan or black colour options and the fastening also resembles a normal watch too.

Underneath the face is what sets this watch apart from a normal Swiss-Made watch though. The sensors sit in the slim stainless steel body and blend naturally in with the design.

In fact, you really wouldn't know what this watch is capable of by just looking at it. It can track your steps, elevation, calories, running and distance, as well as analyse your swim thanks to its water resistance.

withings activité smartwatch brings swiss made style to activity tracking hands on  image 7

The Withings Activité also analyses your sleep to try and improve its quality and you can set it to wake you up with a light vibration. Its battery life is claimed to be around 10 months too, which is great as it means you can track your sleep every night and not have to worry about having to charge it.

We didn't get a chance to test any of these features during our short time with it, or have a play on the app sadly, but we are looking forward to trying everything out properly when we get it in for full review.

The Withings Activité might not deliver email, message or call notifications like many other smartwatches but it offers a beautiful, premium design and a stylish way of keeping track of your activity without bulking up your wrist too much. We really liked it and we can't wait for it to start counting our steps.