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(Pocket-lint) - When it comes to fitness trackers there are shed loads on the market. A bunch of them are plasticky wrist-worn bands that, well, don't look all that. Not so the Timex IQ+ Move: this is one elegant looking proper watch.

The concept is simple: take a well-made, decent-looking watch and add an analogue sub display fitness tracker into it. It's not a new concept, as we've seen with the Withings Activite Steel before, but it's one that works well without overselling the technology.

Watches are distinctive products; they say something about a person. Which is why so many people aren't interested in chucking on a budget band to make them walk an extra few steps each day.

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The IQ+ isn't trying to do too much either: your goal, which can be set within the associated app, can be based on distance travelled, number of steps taken and calories burned. It can even track your sleep.

Collected data is sent to your phone via Bluetooth where it can be stored and viewed in a companion app. The IQ+ Move can be set to automatically sync data at up to four set times throughout the day - when it does you'll see the hands spin around the watchface. You can glance at the sub-dial to see data from 0-100 per cent of goal, but for the most part you'll want to refer to the application.

There are different versions for men and women - 41mm and 37mm sizes respectively - both of which come with a real leather strap. It's easy to swap out the strap via Timex's quick-release system if you want a rubberised one to take into water or for using when out on a run. The watch itself is waterproof to 50-metres, so that makes perfect sense.

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And that is pretty much it. No complications. No smartphone alerts. No built-in training programmes. No nonsense. The Timex IQ+ Move has been smart by keeping things simple and helping you achieve that daily goal without being too much on your back.

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That watch is currently only available in US, but should be on sale in the UK in February 2017 according to the Timex spokesperson we chatted to at CES 2017.

Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 9 January 2017.