Looking to shed a few pounds following the Christmas binge? If you have an iPhone then you are literally spoilt for choice. We've looked at a number of iPhone apps in the past that offer to track your performance using the on-board GPS, but the offering from Scosche is slightly different.

The myTrek is a "wireless pulse monitor". It sits on a strap like a watch that you wear on your forearm, where it will detect your pulse using LEDs. There are three straps in the box so you can find the appropriate fit. We needed the largest strap on our averagely manly arms. 

The pulse monitor connects to your iPhone using Bluetooth and offers three buttons on its face, along with two coloured LED bars. The central button handles power, but also doubles as a music control. The two flanking buttons will turn the volume up and down, making it much more convenient than having to touch the phone itself.

Of course the device itself doesn't do anything unless you download the associated app, which is free from the App Store. You'll need to have the pulse monitor connected to open the app too, at which point it will calibrate and show you your pulse rate. 

There are various sections to the app so you can plug in your vital statistics, setup workouts and track what you get up to. Of course this is heart rate training, so it's more interested in your heart than the miles you cover, but it does also offer GPS distance tracking and will offer both time and distance workouts.

Heart rate training is a slightly different philosophy to straight time or distance training, but whichever route to fitness you choose, you'll need to have some sort of plan. Of course if you don't, at least using a heart rate monitor will help you to train at the right intensity for your desired results.

The myTrek pulse monitor has a battery in it that will give you 5 hours of training, after which it will need to be hooked up to the USB charger, which it clips neatly into.

Of course this all comes at a price and at £129, it's a fairly hefty one. Sure, it does a lot, but at that price it's stepping on the toes of some great existing systems. The Garmin Forerunner series, with chest strap, starts at around the same price, but the Nike+ compatible Polar WearLink chest strap is only £40 (on top of the £1.49 app price), although perhaps not as versatile. 

We've only had a quick play with the myTrek so far, but we plan to put it through its paces and bring you a full review of the unit as soon as we can, and determine whether it's a price worth paying. In the meantime, why not watch Scosche's video and check out our pictures.

Interested in getting fit? Does the myTrek sound like an idea iPhone companion?