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(Pocket-lint) - Withings has announced Sleep Diary, a new app feature that works with the company's Sleep Analyzer sensor unit in order to help reveal pathologies, such as sleep apnea and insomnia.

Introduced on International Sleep Day (18 March), the Sleep Diary can now be found in the existing Withings app. It combines data gathered by the sensor with behavioral analysis based the sleep disorder questionnaries typically used by medical professionals.

The end result is a diary that interprets and tracks sleep patterns, presenting them in a dashboard format that can be output as a PDF file and shared with physicians.

"Sleep Diary ideally complements the data collected by Withings Sleep and gives it meaning,” explained the company's head of products, Matthieu Menanteau

"Information is power, which is why Withings creates devices that seamlessly fit into people’s lives that consistently capture health data over the long-term."

The Sleep Analyzer is priced at £119.95 and is a medical grade device that is placed under a mattress to measure the movements of the thoracic cage heart rate and breathing.


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It is designed to help improve sleep quality. But, with the in-app Sleep Diary too, can also be used by medical professionals to help diagnose sleep disorders more quickly.

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