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(Pocket-lint) - Withings has had a lock on the top spot of our list of the best sleep trackers on the market for some time, but that hasn't stopped it from giving its device an upgrade. Launching today in Europe and the UK, its new Sleep Analyzer will replace the Withings Sleep as its default sleep tracker. 

The Sleep Analyzer looks near-identical to the previous model, in fact, but has seen some key boosts to its ability to detect sleep apnea, which up to a billion people around the world suffer from as they sleep, effectively making it harder to breath. If you're thinking that might cause snoring, you'd be right.

Although the Withings Sleep could detect noise, it didn't have the same level of clinical validation that the Sleep Analyzer has been festooned with, meaning that the new version has a few more tricks up its sleeve.

Like the old model, it's an under-mattress tracker that connects to your Wi-Fi network and plugs into a power socket to run constantly in the background. It can detect when you're in bed, and measures a range of variables including your movement, any noise levels, your breathing and heart rate, to work out what sort of sleep you're enjoying.

Each morning, this translates to a numerical Sleep Score out of 100, which can be broken down and explained at a tap. This will depend on how deep, long and restful your night's sleep was. While that might feel out of your control, understanding how you're sleeping is apparently key to improving it over time.

Plus, if you find out that sleep apnea's a problem for you, taking your sleep data straight to a doctor could help expedite that process, too, a useful tool in your arsenal. The key here is that the device's ability to detect sleep apnea was validated through a clinical study conducted in France and Belgium, coming extremely close to matching the results shown by actual sleep clinics. 

Added touches

Away from the health side of things, IFTTT integration also returns from the Withings Sleep, meaning that you can easily automate routines to commence when you get out of bed in the morning, the sort of shortcut that can really tie a smart home together.

The Withings Sleep Analyzer is available now from Withings in the UK and EU, with a future release date in the US pending FDA clearance. It costs €129,95/£119.95, and we'll be using it to track our own sleep for a few weeks before giving it a full verdict, so keep an eye out. 


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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 27 April 2020.