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(Pocket-lint) - Following the British & Irish Lions 1888 Cup win over Japan at Murrayfield Stadium, Scotland, at the end of June, the team is now on the 2021 Tour in South Africa. 

A punishing schedule deserves a thorough set of training tools, but in addition to its world-class support team, the tech angle to the team's success comes courtesy of Vodafone.

The British network provider has a toolset - which it calls PlayerConnect - that's being used by the team throughout the 2021 Tour to operate as an aggregate dashboard for critical training information.

Using GPS tracking, impact data from players' gumshields, plus additional wearables, PlayerConnect is used to pull together and display all the critical data so the coaching and analyst teams can assess training and on-the-pitch impact and recovery time.

It's a technological glimpse into the kind of tools that are used to get the utmost out of players - and as there's no need to wait until the end of a match to download data from individual devices, the dashboard is able to show player data in real-time - ideal for remote viewing for those team members not on the sidelines at a match in South Africa.

VodafoneVodafone PlayerConnect photo 2

That's technology in action, but if you want to watch the players in action then we suggest watching the video embedded above and, of course, the forthcoming matches as part of the 2021 Tour. Here's the forthcoming schedule and how to watch:

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