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(Pocket-lint) - TomTom is making its move against market leaders Fitbit, with the launch of the TomTom Touch

This is an activity tracker that wants to stay with you throughout your fitness journey, looking to differentiate itself from the mass of other devices by showing the progression in your physical state.

While the Fitbit Flex and similar devices have been extremely popular, TomTom wants to give you a little more, with the inclusion of a body composition monitor. Using the metal sensor on the rear and the matching pad on the top that doubles as a button, the wearer can measure their body fat.

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This works by sending an electrical current around your body, in this case in contact with your wrist on one arm and your finger on the other. It works in the same way as body analysis scales, such as the Withings Smart or Fitbit Aria.

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The idea is to report back more than just the number of steps taken, or estimated distance travelled, but allow you to keep track of the (hopefully) positive change in your body composition along your fitness journey. 

In addition to body composition and the obligatory steps, the TomTom Touch will also track your activities, allowing you to log a run for example and sync that to MySports, TomTom's sport app.

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There's a small display on the top, to check your status and deliver you essential notifications from your phone, as well as reporting back the results from the optical heart rate sensor.

Like TomTom's Spark, Runner and Adventurer watches, the Touch offers a changeable strap, so you can have something to suit your style and first impressions are of something that's soft, but secure. 

The TomTom Touch will be available for £129 from September and we'll be bringing you a full review as soon as we've spent some time with this new tracker.

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Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 25 August 2016.