For the runners, cyclists and swimmers out there TomTom has announced that it will soon be releasing a MySports app. The app will soon be submitted to Apple for approval and on completion will bring GPS training smarts to your iPhone.

But with plenty of sports tracker apps already out there why does this matter? For TomTom Sports Watch owners the app will mean a more detailed at-a-glance readout of performance data. It will also mean that any information recorded can be more easily uploaded without the need to connect the watch to a computer.

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As GPS software is often being updated the app will ensure that you’re able to get the most accurate fix from your watch. It will automatically run and check for the latest updates installing them on your TomTom Multi-Sport or TomTom Runner watch ready for your training.

The TomTom app works using Bluetooth technology so it will wirelessly connect to your iPhone seamlessly and without putting a great drain on power.

“You now don’t need to use a computer to access the performance information available on our sport watches,” says Corinne Vigreux, managing director, consumer and founder, TomTom. “This makes it even easier for our consumers to stay motivated and work towards achieving their fitness goals.”