TomTom has unveiled its own range of GPS sports watches - in Runner and Multi-Sport varieties - building upon the company's experience with its Nike Sports Watch partnership by breaking its own-brand products into the fitness market sector. 

The two GPS watches, unveiled at a launch event in Amsterdam, Netherlands, are targeted at current sporty types, but those who want to improve their sport, fitness and goals. The Runner is, as the name suggests, all about running, while the Multi-Sport - you see where we going to go with this - adds waterproofing for swimming and cycle-specific measurements too. 

At the launch event, TomTom's global head of marketing, Gary Raucher, was keen to point out how getting from A to B - TomTom's core business of in-car navigation - isn't just about location any more, it's now about states and 'where you want to be'.

Both GPS devices have similar feature sets: a large display always presents large font text for easy reading at a glance, while the company has also generated graphical displays to assist in illustrating performance. 

TomTom's supposed unique sell is that the device is controlled via one large button rather than the complexities of multiple small buttons or a fiddly touchscreen.

Each device weighs a mere 50g - about the weight of a large packet of crisps, which, incidentally, you probably shouldn't be eating right now - and comes in an interchangeable frame that can be swapped out for different colours and designs to suit the individual wearer. 

TomTom's making a bold move by entering a fast growing category. Whether its take offers anything truly standout compared to the sizeable competition - think Jawbone Up, Nike Fuelband, Fitbit, Garmin Fenix and plenty more - and there's already a lot of scope out there. 

At the moment there's no work on price or launch date but Pocket-lint is at the launch event in Amsterdam where we'll be grilling TomTom about all the details of the latest devices.