Adding to the line-up of Nike+ options comes the new SportWatch GPS. Using the same shoe sensor as previous Nike+ systems, the new offering gives you a GPS watch to keep track of where you’ve been or where you’ve gone.

It offers you the usual range of sports watch features, as well as letting you export your data to to share with the running community or social networks via Facebook or Twitter.

The Nike+ SportWatch is surprisingly slimline, weighing only 66g, especially compared to some of the chunkier rivals from the likes of Garmin, Suunto or Polar, although this is probably because there is no heart rate monitor included.

We had a quick scoot though the menus and it all seemed simple enough to use, with the display offering enough contrast to make it easy to read. The menus are basically divided into four categories - clock, run, history and records.

Cleverly, Nike have incorporated the USB connection in the end of the strap, so you just have to bend back the tip and stuff it into your PC to release the data and charge the battery. We found the watch to be comfortable, but viewing it indoors it wasn't really possible to gauge performance.

Interestingly TomTom have got their name on to the device for their “GPS expertise”, even though the watch itself doesn’t offer any form of mapping in the device itself.

The Nike+ SportWatch GPS will be available in the UK and the US from 1 April, prices are yet to be confirmed.