With the triathlon season in full flow, you might have realised your training just isn't working for you. Suunto, to celebrate a partnership with the ITU, has launched two limited edition Triathlon Collection heart rate monitors.

Based on the t6c and t3c models, the new heart rate monitors are known as the Red Arrow and Black Arrow respectively.

The t6c Red Arrow, as you'd expect, reports your heart rate but also the aerobic benefit of your efforts on a 1-to-5 "Training Effect" scale. You'll also be shown excess post-exercise oxygen consumption as well as the more common calories burned and so on, and is aimed at professional competitors.

For those who don't need so much feedback, or are on a tighter budget, the t3c Black Arrow will appeal. In this model you'll also get HRM and the Training Effect as above, but for much less dosh.

To expand the data consolidated into your watch, you can also hook up sport-specific PODs - Foot POD, Bike POD, GPS POD, Cadence POD and PC POD.

The Suunto t6c Red Arrow and t3c Black Arrow are available for around £350 and £120 respectively.