Suunto has introduced the new Suunto X10, the enhanced version of its flagship outdoor instrument, the Suunto X9i.

Suunto says the X10 boasts all the features of the X9i, that the company says is "one of the smallest and lightest wrist-mounted GPS devices, but with performance upgrades to make it faster, more powerful and more dependable than ever before."

The Suunto X10 has upgraded "handsfree" GPS performance, said to improve tracking in difficult conditions, such as heavy foliage.

The Suunto X10 includes an altimeter, barometer, digital compass, thermometer, as well as the usual time/stopwatch functions.

The Suunto X10 is compatible with several digital mapping services across the world, including National Geographic TOPO!, Google Earth and Fugawi.

There's also the bundled Suunto Track Exporter PC software, that provides route planning and waypoint programming that can be downloaded direct to the watch.

Available in two colours, the X10 has a USB charged battery that lasts 33% longer than the X9i.

The new Suunto X10 will be available in September, pricing not revealed.