Suunto has announced the launch of the new Lumi range, the world's first outdoor performance watch designed exclusively for women.

The Suunto Lumi combines an altimeter, barometer, and compass functions with sunrise and sunset times, personal day counter, an "intuitive" user interface, and a menu that can be displayed in four languages.

Whatever your location, the Suunto Lumi allows you to predict changes in your environment - the barometer measures and records air pressure and displays graphic weather trends to help users predict changing conditions while the Storm Alarm helps you to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

The lady-appeal comes in the Suunto Lumi's "feminine and sleek" appearance and choice of accessories. Replacement colour straps are available (to match your colour-coordinated hiking outfit no doubt) and the Lumi can be worn as a pendant or be attached via carabiner to your bag.

Priced at £199.99 the full range is available from