Suunto are proundly announcing their new range of heart rate monitors from the t-series.

The t-series offers a range of monitors to suit all users needs, from the recreational to the professional. The website even lets you answer a series of logical questions to narrow down the most suitable model for you.

But going beyond that, Suunto are supporting their HRMs with a number of PODs (Peripheral Observation Devices). There are a number of PODs to choose from to expand the range of data you can collect - going beyond that of a normal HRM, and into the realms of the more sopisticated GPS systems.

The PODs available are:

Foot POD - for transmitting speed and distance data to your HRM - from your foot.
Bike POD - for transmitting speed and distance data to you HRM - but designed to fit any bike forks and wheels.
New Bike POD - built with Mavic's input, turns your HRM into a bike computer.
Road Bike POD - again with help from Mavic, again turns your HRM into a bike computer optimised for road riders.
PC POD - ideal for home training, the PC POD allows your PC to pick up data from a transmitter belt to be viewed live on your PC.
Team POD - wait for it - allows a coach to monitor up to 30 people wearing HRMs - fantastic!


GPS POD - does what it says on the tin, turns your HRM into a GPS.

So many options, what is an athlete to choose. Of course, the HRM is the corner stone of all this goodness, so make sure you get the right model for your needs.