(Pocket-lint) - A Finland-based sports watch maker has launched a new device that it claimed delivers "superior accuracy".

Dubbed the Spartan Sport Wrist HR, the watch, which is made by Suunto, features a patented biometric measurement technology. Valencell, the US biometric company that develops technologies used by brands like Bose and Samsung, developed this technology, called PerformTek. Suunto said it can deliver data within 5 per cent of tried-and-true chest straps an amazing 89 per cent of the time.

The message here is that Spartan Sport Wrist HR will supposedly sit above all its competitors in terms of accuracy. Apart from monitoring 24/7 heart rate and resting heart rate, it doubles as an activity tracker, letting you track everything from steps to calorie-burn rate. The robust watch serves up data in the form "detailed graphs, sport-specific displays, and power meter integration".

Suunto's Spartan Sport Wrist HR is handmade in Finland. It has a "robust casing, mineral crystal glass, and a stainless steel bezel". It also offers a durable color touchscreen that's supposed to be viewable from many angles and in different lighting conditions. Tech specs include a battery life up to 12 hours, GPS/GLONASS tracking, a built-in accelerometer, and access to the Suunto Movescount service.

Suunto's first wrist-based, heart-rate monitoring sports watch is now available for £399 in all black, blue, and pink colour options. To complement the launch, Suunto said it plans to roll out an update to its full range of Spartan products, which will add interval training and altitude profile navigation.

Writing by Elyse Betters.