(Pocket-lint) - Without any build up or hype or even a press event, Sony has unveiled its next wearable: the SmartBand 2.

The company seems to have accidentally published information about it via the Play Store. It launched a new companion app called SmartBand 2, and images from the app have revealed a number of features about the new wearable.

The SmartBand 2 has, for instance, a heart rate monitor on the underside of the band that measures your pulse at an even rate throughout the day. There's also a "smart wake up" feature that aims to gently get you out of bed in the morning. Also, like the existing SmartBand, the SmartBand 2 can track steps and sleep.

The app appears to be optimised for Xperia devices as well, but AndroidPolice said it was able to install the app on a Nexus 5, though without a SmartBand 2, it was nearly useless. The launch screen displayed some sort of pulse training and suggested different uses for the heart-rate sensor after a workout.

The app also revealed the SmartBand 2 can alert you of incoming messages on your phone. It even has a button you can press in order to take a snapshot of all the data it has at that moment. We're not sure yet when the SmartBand 2 will launch for consumers, but we're imagining it'll be pretty soon.

Update: All the SmartBand 2 information has now been pulled from the Google Play Store, but check out our gallery above for some screenshots.

Writing by Elyse Betters.