Sony announced two new devices during its CES 2014 press conference in Las Vegas that represent the Japanese firm's official entry into the wearable fitness tracker race. Indeed, it's going one better - it hopes to track your life while it's at it.

The Sony Core is a tiny Bluetooth-enabled gadget that is being described as a lifeblogger. It is not only capable of tracking activities, including sleep, but it will also keep tracks of the photos you've shared and music played through your phone and social networking. It combines with an application on a phone or tablet and can tell you a swathe of information about what you've been getting up to, including, naturally, how many calories you've burnt.

You can also couple it with the similarly announced Sony SmartBand. The wristband makes the package a lot more like a Nike FuelBand or similar device, but without a screen to see what's going on. You will still need to check your phone for gathered information.

The Core will also have other accessories and ways to wear it when it is released for real. For now, its appearance at CES is a taster of what's to come. Intrigued? So are we.