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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has announced a wide range of new products for 2019, including new wearables - the Galaxy Watch Active - and new fitness trackers, the Galaxy Fit and Fit e. 

The new fitness bands come in a range of colours, designed to be worn all the time to help you keep track of your active life.

The new fitness trackers offer automatic activity detection, so it will know when you are walking, running or in some other type of activity - six in total - or you can select from a range of 90 different activities for manual tracking. 

The Galaxy Fit includes an optical heart rate monitor, accelerometer and gyroscope and weighs just 24g. It comes with a colour AMOLED display which supports touch, with a 240 x 120 pixel resolution. The battery is said to last for a week.

The Galaxy Fit e takes a step down with a smaller and lower resolution display, and also doesn't have a gyroscope - but is a lot more affordable. They both come with 5ATM waterproofing.

There's sleep and stress tracking, with all the data syncing to the Samsung Health app on your phone. You'll get details on your sleep stages, so you can see why you're feeling fit, or not.

You'll get smartphone notifications on the Fit, as well as syncing information like alarms and weather from your phone.

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The Samsung Galaxy Fit will cost £89 and the Samsung Galaxy Fit e will be £35.

Writing by Chris Hall.